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Time to ban bows and arrows.

They are both the same level of disgustingly evil in my book.

Ok Mr. Sharpshooter Marksman…guy.


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Rape and murder are both the product of a societal problem that is driven by politics.

If you think you will get us down to other country’s levels of gun deaths, you are mistaken.

Maybe not, but it presents a more accurate picture.

The majority of “firearm murders” in this country are primarily gangbangers killing other gangbangers.

Maybe that’s the issue that should be fixed first. And in most of those killings, it’s done with handguns. Not rifles.


You honestly thing the military would stand as a whole to do this?
Wow, you have zero idea, IF this order was to come down one would see MASSIVE numbers of the military to follow said order. The oath states they will follow LAWFUL orders, AND uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. An order to disarm the public goes against both. Plus military is barred from military actions against citizens. Might want to refresh your memory that.

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Take them out and let’s see.

I don’t live in another country.

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Yes. Because soldiers are mindless idiots who joined the military because they couldn’t do anything else.

Why would you take out felon possessions?

I may be older, can’t do the humps anymore, BUT, I can still hit the target. My oath to defend the Constitution didn’t expire when I got out of the Corps.

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It’s already illegal.

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So is running people over with a truck.

You are free to move, but, Japan is a highly racist society. If you are not Japanese you are inferior and looked down on.

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Agreed. Are you advocating for more common sense truck control? Background checks?

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Not those I talk to, there are more that would leave than stay.

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I’m advocating for a similar level of attention and licensing to those who want to own a gun, as those who want to operate a car.


So then, zero danger of anyone ending up in a work camp, armed or otherwise.

Nah all guns owners in the United States will end up in a gulag eventually.