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You can operate a car without any registration or license. As long as you drive it on private property. Only when you drive it on public roads do you need registration and a license, since that is the communal property of the people and we have delegated authority to the state to enforce laws deemed necessary for safe driving.

And driving on a public road is a privilege. To keep and bear arms is a RIGHT. Privilege vs Right. Your solution would turn a right into a privilege. And that violates the second amendment. I have the right to not only keep but to BEAR arms. I do not need to justify my reasons. I do not need a laminated license. I have the right as a citizen of the Republic.


Color me surprised.


You say you don’t ignore facts but you do. Look at the number of people (primarily black) that are killed every weekend in big cities. Néw York, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta etc. they are skyrocketing this year. Take a look at the High School graduation rate, performance on standard tests and you will see the numbers are abysmal.

If you ever studied why so many young black men join gangs you might gain an understanding that hopelessness is a big factor… broken homes, lack of opportunity etc leads to hopelessness. You know what all these big cities have in common?? DECADES OF DEMOCRAT RULE!! Despite the enlightened, compassionate, inclusive policies and programs that Democrats have pushed to “HELP” the poor and downtrodden, hopelessness still drives the murder rates higher and higher.

Take out the gun violence in the inner cities caused by the stupidity of Democrat leaders and their policies, and the remaining number of gun deaths drops to a more insignificant number.

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So when the rates were lower, can that be attributed to Democratic mayors? No? Then how do you attribute the rising rate to Democratic mayors today?

And what about Jacksonville, Oklahoma City…?

I think I’d rather take a bullet than one of these…

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How can you take those gun deaths out of consideration?

Have you seen the firearm mortality statistics ? It is a bit surprising.

Some of the highest ranked states such as Alaska , f.e. their biggest city doesn’t have a Democratic mayor.

Every day in America … 616 people die of iatrogenic causes. Where is the progressive call to ban doctors.

“If the higher estimates are used, the deaths due to iatrogenic causes would range from 230 000 to 284 000. In any case, 225 000 deaths per year constitutes the third leading cause of death in the United States, after deaths from heart disease and cancer.”

Should we not also look at the number of lives prolonged by giving people access to doctors… and guns?

Ok. Seriously think about this. Our Southern border has been overrun by hundreds of thousands of people each month. They are massed at the border with countless numbers getting through illegally. To supposedly combat the problem, Kamala Harris goes to Central America to investigate what is claimed to be the root cause of the problem and then DO WHAT ABOUT IT?? Nothing— except promise to throw money to Central American leaders. Do you honestly believe giving billions of dollars to Central America is going to do diddly squat to alleviate the problem at the border and the related issues it causes? Especially in any meaningful time frame? IOW, the border surge is viewed as a symptom of a bigger problem and so the symptoms are getting worse because Dr. Biden and every other LIB believes wasting time and money on a problem they literally have no control over is more beneficial to Americans then dealing with the symptom.

Gun violence in the inner cities is a symptom. The problem is the number of young men trapped and hopeless who turn to gangs to get (or try to get) what they are missing in their lives. The difference is that while our government does not run and can not control what leaders in other countries do, especially the countries where rampant corruption exists, our government, and more specifically Democrats DO run and control the policies and programs of the inner big cities. It is self evident by the observable results that no matter how much money Democrats throw around, their policies and programs fail to solve problems and so the symptoms get worse and worse.

If you understand that the overwhelming majority of gun deaths in this country are the inner city deaths caused by Democrats who equally can not or more accurately will not address the root cause, then you can understand why Conservatives get angry and defensive over the blindness and blatant hypocrisy of Democrats who lump all acts of gun violence together. They’re simply not. Democrat leaders know this but because they need the support of the poor ignorant inner city masses to stay in power, they will NEVER enact policies to actually help them or lift them out of poverty and hopelessness and they don’t give a rats ass about how many poor minorities kill each other as long as they aren’t doing it in their gated communities.


And just who do you think uses that weaponry and firepower in service to the state?

It hurts like hell to even think about it. :grimacing:

Law enforcement and military

And just who do you think those people are?

Americans, from different backgrounds. Why ?

Thug culture and its enablers do not reflect greater society. No law will impact that segment; they’re already outlaws.


One of the problems with statistics.

What is ?