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5 dead? That’s a mass murder. At least he didn’t use a blackplasticskeerygun.


Norway used to be the most peaceful country on the planet? What’s going on…?

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Got Woke

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Which weapon was used in the deadliest attack in Norway’s history ten years ago ?

Let’s pretend guns aren’t more deadly…because bow and arrow.


Let’s pretend that if the right wasn’t armed the left would already have them all in work camps.


Bet I shoot better than you.

The victimhood is strong with this one.

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So? Your point? You don’t know that BTW…

Not at all. You completely misunderstood my post if you think that. Completely.

I truly believe that. We would have no rights left if we were not armed. Not a threat, just stating fact.

You would lose…put your “left” broad brush down.

Maybe…maybe not. I won’t put that particular broad brush down, it’s true. It’s why they want so much to disarm us. It’s not about public safety to the left, that’s an outright lie, as proved by them having open borders & at the same time trying force us all to mask & get vaxxed against our will.

They don’t care about public safety, they care only about CONTROL.


Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep tonight. The point is…think outside the box you are in. The world isn’t as black and white as you envisioned it.

I sleep fine, I don’t put my trust in anything but God.

You think I have a binary view? You don’t listen.

There in lies your problem.

Maybe it’s your problem? I hope you don’t find out too late.

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If they wanted you in work camps, you’d be in work camps already. Individual gun owners would be no match for high-tech weaponry and firepower possessed by the state.

Sigh…OK…so…you think the right does not understand that? Really? You actually think like Biden those crap assumptions?