In less than one week Bernie Sanders is likely to have the nomination wrapped up

Sure thing man. Spot-on analysis, as usual. :rofl:

My point really isn’t that complicated. Sorry, I’m not going to dumb it down any further.

Your comment had nothing to do with the post you quoted.

My reply did.

I have been saying from the beginning it would either be Sanders or Warren, unfortunately for Warren she never did catch on and Sanders ran off away with it.

Anyone paying any attention to the conversations the last six years would see the hard shift to the left, if one needed anymore proof the first democratic debate sealed it when they all raised their hands for decriminalizing border crossings and issue that in 2016 a candidate saying that would have been laughed off the stage. Since Trumps win the party only has moved faster to the left.

I remember seeing a few months ago a NBC/PBS poll were they polled democrats and by a 49% to 42% margin, they say it’s more important to have a nominee who will move in a different direction from former President Obama’s policies.

According to a political study at the NYT’s it accelerated in 2012 I added a small blue bar to the graph since it stoped at 2016 that probably is more accurate for 2016. Funny according to the NYT’s the republicans have moved further left.

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Your point is Trump didn’t run in 2012?


This is why Biden is the real threat and Trump’s people know it. If he gets the nomination somehow, democrats have a chance at beating Trump.

Biden is out of time without a brokered convention or some other outside help. I agree with the op it’s over in six days after Super Tuesday unless something major surfaces to derail Sanders. None of the candidates that mattered dropped out.

Democrats are doing exactly what the republicans did in 2016 stay in the race splitting votes till it was to late

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It certainly sounds like it’s over. I still agree that voters in the general would rather not go so far to the left and turnout will not be strong enough to beat Trump if Sanders is the candidate.


This is from the side of the aisle that can’t help themselves but denigrate the left for hating America because some of us dare bring up warts and all

And then our President and their nominee goes and says “you think we are so innocent?”

Decades of “liberals hate America because all they do is criticize it” down the drain. Along with the religious right of course. That was like totes never a thing either

Voting has been up so far…so…

The south lost. Get over it.

That wasnt his question.

Not likely. Google Biden 150,000,000 gun deaths since Vietnam, more than in all our wars in history.

Biden’s mind is gone and it’s obvious. The only way Biden could win is with the sympathy vote or a mercy rule.

No this is a good point of attack…people exaggerating…its not like we dont have a mountain of evidence with trump doing this. But oh it’s about guns…that’s why this all of a sudden matters…figures.

Compared to what presidential general election?

Joe made it matter. Maybe you should head over to Youtube and watch the debate.

We arent there yet?

Womderful… i assume he was just joking so we can just let it go…

No kidding so there’s no comparison to be made.