In less than one week Bernie Sanders is likely to have the nomination wrapped up

Just looking at fivethirtyeights models of all the states that vote next week on Super Tuesday and Sanders is projected to win every one of them except Alabama and tie Klobochar in her home state of Minnesota as well as a possible tie in Tennessee with Biden. But the two big prizes California and Texas are in Sanders corner.

It wasn’t a month ago the majority of pundits were saying Sanders had no chance and for at least the past two years Biden was winning the democratic contest even haven’t even announced by over 35%. What are the thoughts by some of the democrats, I thought Sanders would do well and I knew the democrats have moved way more leftward than republicans to the right but I didn’t think they would nominate a socialist. But here we are. There is not a candidate to stop him after the results of super Tuesday are in half of contest is over at that point and at least half of the states left to vote after that are states Sanders did well in against Hillary, so no reason to think he won’t repeat/outperform the 2016 results in those states.

Keep in mind that typically primary voters are not really representative of the voters in either party, they are the very active core partisans.

Compare turnout for both parties in both the primaries and general elections, the difference is huge, even bigger than the difference between presidential election years and off year elections.

The average democrat I don’t believe has gone so far to the left, but they aren’t controlling the outcome of the primaries.

I’ve thought all along Bernie had a good chance of winning the nomination vote wise but it’s still questionable as to whether or not he comes out of the convention as the winner due to the convention rules and “Super Delegates”.

Screwing him out of the nomination in 2016 caused a big rift in the party and if they do it twice it could cause a major split with Bernie then running as an independent third party write in candidate or that a huge portion of his base sits the election out in retaliation.

It will all boil down to what the party’s leadership sees as being the greatest threat to the party in the long term.

I can pretty well guarantee you those numbers are scaring the hell out of the DNC leadership and all of the other candidates.

Good, and with their masks ripped off, the world can see who and what the Democratic Party really is, and it take the fall into the ash heap of history. The ash heap is a good place for the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, etc…


And democrat party will cease to exist…they officially become socialist party.

Libs here will continue denying it thou.

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Replace DNC with RNC and Sanders with Trump

2016 all over again

Well no, the RNC didn’t screw Trump out of the nomination in either 2012 or 2016.

Please get some new material. Do you call living Germans Nazis?

Some of them are Nazis.

Trump didn’t run in 2012

We don’t call Germany the country of Nazis in 2020

Welcome to this thing we call “today”

No ■■■■ sherlock, that’s the point.

Keep those goalposts on wheels and hang on tight.

I’ll ask again - which party is it that fights for the preservation of Confederate Monuments?

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Keeping the monuments just gives us a physical reference to history, it doesn’t continue slavery, Jim Crow Laws, or segregation.

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If they are running an election campaign representing the Nazi Party - then yes, I would call them a Nazi.

Historians who are trying to preserve our history,warts and all, so we do not forget it. I support people who do not seek to whitewash our history and sanitize it.

I’m all for the population of a city agreeing to move a monument to another location. I’m not in favor of anarchy, where angry mobs indiscriminately start tearing them down.


Does Germany have WW2 general statues?

Hold weddings at Dachau to be waited on by a pretty lady in a hoop skirt?


They have Holocaust memorials.

That’s the opposite of whitewashing - it’s recognizing and displaying the worst aspect of their cultural history.

Celebrating civil war era Southern heritage in 2020 with statues is an embarrassment.

Dachau site:

Belle Meade site:

See any difference? Which one looks whitewashed to you? The one with the vivid description of atrocities or the one that mentions in passing they had some slaves in addition to the awesome parties and horse races.



So the guy who just drove by my office with a giant Confederate flag flying over his pickup truck - that was probably a Democrat, right?

They have a number or war memorials honoring their own soldiers from both WW’s.

I’m pretty sure neither the flag nor the truck are statues or confederate war memorials.