In honor of memorial day. One of th e best national anthem moments ever

Anybody doesn’t get a little choked up, has no soul. :us:


What on earth is there to get choked up about?

So Bolt stopped for the anthem. Big deal.

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I don’t expect you to understand. Love of country is what makes most people conservative. I totally get it that you felt nothing. I would expect nothing less. Usain Bolt obviously felt something. And it wasn’t even his national anthem. :us:


Does the fact that a foreign born athlete has more respect for our national anthem then some U.S. born athletes trigger you?



Kudos to the French cameraman who was smart enough to capture that shot.

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It’s a song. I pay taxes, I vote, I served in the military,I love this country.

I don’t really give a crap about a song.


So why bother commenting?

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You gave a crap enough to besmirch the respect he offered.

I appreciate his respect.


it is touching

respect is always a good thing to see. it demonstrates that people understand what was done to be able to hear that song and see the flag

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loving something means having respect for its symbolism

oh well…

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Bolt is a very respectful guy.

I’d have done the same thing if I was in another country and their anthem was being played.

My favorite is the United States anthem (of course, proud American here) but the French Republic’s anthem is definitely right behind it.

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One of my favorite all time movie moments is the “dueling anthems” scene in “Casablanca”

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Lmao - i always stop for the National anthem, its not some grand gesture.

For ■■■■■ sake some of the comments in this thread make out that Bolt somehow feels more for America than his own country.

Talk about reading too much into a single action.

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It’s up there with Trump literally hugging the flag…Unbelievable how his supporters eat that crap up. Like I’ve said before…You just know he’s laughing inside thinking, “I can’t believe they’re buying this”…lol

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Any sailors here?

Ever get caught on the weather decks or the flight deck in a foreign port when colors went down at 0800 and there were ships from other countries in port as well? My record was 25 minutes standing at attention while the national anthem of 5 different countries played.

This was a nice innocuous little thread.

Why did you libs feel the need to come in and piss all over it?


“I don’t expect you to understand. Love of country is what makes most people conservative”

3rd post in

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Are you trying to make some kind of point here?

What post was he replying to?

This was 8 years ago, remember it well.
Fun fact, I know both the Star Spangled Banner and Jamaica, Land we Love (JA national anthem)

Yes…Your fellow Con made it political.