In case you were worried about Biden's Butt

It’s been wiped. That’s very important before you meet the press. Seems it weighs on his mind.

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I hear “What must be what”

Is this one of those What Color is the dress games?

That would be almost as odd… She asked about reconciliation…

i doubt he said that. but there’s no shortage of mumbled jangled incoherence from him

not really, if someone asks me a question that I didn’t hear I usually respond with “My what-now?” But, if you need to create another Biden brain conspiracy, have at it.

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You think obvious mental decline is a conspiracy?

I think you see and hear what you want to see and hear.

The reporter asked, “must there be reconciliation?”

Clearly he didn’t hear her and asked, “What must be what?”

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Never doubt the accuracy of what a youtube video has in quotes.

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It’s clearly “My Butt’s been wiped”.

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Compared to CNN and the American news media they are a tower of truth. See Wuhan lab cover up with press help.

A tower of truth.

Now having said that, what’s this thread about? Oh right…

Don’t complain about the media when you’re ready to happily dive into a pile of garbage.

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No. It’s clearly not.

But, I’m off to tour the Revolutionary War Airports I’ve heard about so I’ll check in when I get back.

It’s just funny. And we all know our media lies. See Hunter Biden Cover up

The guy slows it down for you. Did you listen to the whole thing.

Yes. It’s a auditory trick. The title of the video tells you what to hear.

Watch this and read each text caption.

In fact the best thing about the sock Puppet admin is how funny they are. Youtube is hilarious these days Making fun of dems and Biden. You would think Fox would hire some of these guys…

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Yes, never before in history has the internet made fun of a presidential admin.

“It’s a trick.” Only people who thought the virus came from a lab leak Wuhan would believe it, right?

I mean all the media says, It’s not what you hear. It’s something else. So…

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Yes, but with right wingers doing it it’s actually funny not a virtue signaling exercise like late night comedy.

Probably not what he wanted to say.

It came out as my butts been wiped.