In an astounding turn of events, Governor Cuomo resigns

New York Governor Cuomo resigned today. The resignation appears to be the growing list of allegations related to sexual harassment of women on his staff.

This comes after last years’ worship fest from much of the media. Here are a few examples of the coverage:

Does the resignation show that even corrupt Democrats are accountable for their actions?

Should Cuomo face criminal prosecution related to allegations of a cover-up of thousands of needless deaths at nursing homes and alleged use of state resources to produce his book last year?

Or are the harassment allegations the only thing that may be worthy of further investigation?

How far and fast has he fallen…

Yes, I never thought he would actually resign. Democrats almost never face accountability for their actions.

Democrats appear to be pushing the harassment allegations as the main reason for the resignation, but I suspect the real reason was concerns about further revelations related the governor’s dismal COVID response.

Almost never.

The color of the sky in your world is _________


Cuomo was done glad he decided to bounce cause it was not going to get any better for him

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They will say ‘but, he resigned’ while ignoring the fact the man should have charges filed against him.

Watch how quickly THAT doesn’t happen.

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He has charges filed against him…

I wonder what Katie Hill and Al Franken would make of that statement?

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He has a criminal complaint filed by one of the women. That MAY lead to charges.

Not astounding. What else could he do?

That comes first doesn’t it?

His resignation was fait accompli once the report from the attorney general came out.


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my question is why did democrats decide to take him out?

Like I said, wait and see if anything comes of it. It is not a guarantee charges will be filed.

I’m interested to see if a deal was made and if so, what it was.

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Yes, there are rare exceptions for especially for new-comers.

On the other hand, accused-rapist Bill Clinton is still a revered elder statesman.

The sniffer-in-chief is still in the White House.


Dems are one giant clown car! :joy::joy::joy: Biden just said Cuomo was a good governor.

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I haven’t heard a peep from Bill Clinton in years. (And if I did, I would ignore it.) However, the last person you voted for, accused serial-rapist Donald Trump, is still the leader of the Republican Party. To borrow your expression, Republicans almost never face accountability for their actions from their own party.

And how many accusations were made against Trump?

no, it shows that cuomo knows that under ny law he cannot serve as gov while being impeached and he’d have to step down anyway. this way he avoids impeachment and avoids being held to account.

good riddance


But … Cuomo said he will take full responsibility. :man_shrugging: