In an astounding turn of events, Governor Cuomo resigns


so long as it doesn’t involve the word “guilty”


Why don’t you post a similar photo for Bill for his invocation of Bill Clinton? I mean, the guy hasn’t been president for 20 years. Trump is off limits but Clinton is fair game?


because it’s the right thing to do…

I didn’t think he had it in him. I think he’s a lot like Trump, a malignant narcissist who wouldn’t dare admit defeat. So, he’s a better man than Trump. Still a turd, though.

I take issue with Mr. Greenwald saying “always knew exactly what he is and always was” ?

No, it doesn’t appear that they “always” knew. Report came out - ergo now they know - and now he’s out.

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it was the right thing to do when he was killing off nursing home patients, but you gave him awards for that

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Biden said Cuomo did a great job! One disaster talking about another disaster.

never let a disaster go to waste

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Because I don’t want to.

Because Bill doesn’t turn every single thread on this forum into a Clinton thread.


Will Cuomo we banished from social media platforms? Or will the media oligarchs allow him to divulge the dark secrets of other politicians from the Cuomo cabal?

Y’all do know he hasn’t actually resigned, right?

Well, neither do I.

Ok. Now do desantis and abbot.

I’ll wait.

Need one of those for Clinton as well I guess …lol

are they putting covid positive patients in nursing homes?

Good riddance.

Nothing stops you from doing so. :man_shrugging:

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Does he get to keep his Emmy?