Impeachment to conclude tomorrow

Nice cover-up, GOP.

Truth. And the majority of those voters wanted a trial with witnesses

The good part for me is that we get their votes against witnesses…on record. And we get the vote for acquittal…on record. No more mealy mouthed avoidance of Trump’s horrendous actions and behavior. They literally have to vote on it.

And then we get to sit and watch as more and more drips out showing how much they are covering up for their dear leader.

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acsirip: if the Dems hadn’t lied so much about whistleblower, and if they had conducted a one-sided investigation, if that hadn’t chosen to not issue subpoenas, if they hadn’t held articles of impeachment for 33 days, they still would have failed. In the end, they had a manufactured, ultra-hyped temper tantrum. They now deserve to go stand in the corner and hang their heads in shame. Oh I forgot … they have no shame.


Their vote also completely goes against the will of the people- which will also hurt them in November.

More than twice as many respondents — 57 percent to 25 percent — expressed support rather than opposition to Roberts using his authority as the Senate trial’s presiding officer to admit new testimony, according to the YouGov Blue poll conducted on behalf of the group Demand Justice.

I’m afraid that you underestimate the power of 5th Avenue syndrome.

Process arguments…sheesh.

The bottom line:

The president of the United States pressured a foreign government to investigate Trump’s main political opponent while holding up hundreds of millions of dollars of congressionally earmarked military aid.

Thats it. Thats the whole story. Everything else is window dressing.

If you don’t want a Democratic president to do this, then you shouldn’t support Trump doing this.

What lies are those again? Please be specific

Covfefe: Never trust anyone’s poll. Nobody’s. The results are determined by how a question is asked, who is asked, and how the body of respondents is weighted.

About the so-called cover-up… Dems go to trial with what they say is a foolproof case. Senate acquits using same evidence used by Dems. Dems cry cover-up. Can’t make this stuff up…

Media want Trump.

Media needs Trump.

Look for the plot twist soon.

Sikofit: Never heard the call. Met with Dems in advance. Schiff doesn’t know who the whistleblower is. Whistleblower is outspoken partisan. Whistleblower is Adam Schiff’ illegitimate son (assuming that lies don’t matter).

this story nails it

Are you sure you want to quote the House Managers?
They are using the same evidence that the House used.

It is funny though. :rofl:

I completely agree.

The Dems are better than the Republicans at PR and playing on emotions.

Facts? Not so much for the Dems.

At the end of the day, facts win.

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I really do hope this is wrapped up tomorrow with an acquittal.

Trump’s two biggest enemies are his mouth and his overconfidence.

An acquittal right now will make him run his mouth and grow his overconfidence.

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Bro that’s a parody site.

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P.T. Barnum …

A thinking man could never be fooled by that. So obviously its not a satire site.

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5th Avenue Syndrome. Meaning there is nothing Donald could do that his base will not deflect, defend, or justify.