Impeachment Article I on its way to adoption, Article II pending

Vote in progress on Article I, already over the top, beyond 218 votes.

Did anyone on either side cross party lines?

The tweets are gonna be bigly. More bigly than even Lincoln’s tweets.


2 Democrats, both of whom are going to switch parties.

That should be it.

1 Republican voted yes just now.

Never mind, its gone now, might have been an accidental mis-vote, that happens from time to time, whoever it was has changed their vote.

Congrats libs…you got your fake impeachment. Now what?

If you hurry you can get another one i before election. :sunglasses:


2 down, 18 to go. November can’t come fast enough.

It’s happening! It’s really happening! Yipee!

Mistake, possibly. Happened earlier today on a rules vote with a dem. Went to three, then corrected. The R vote just came back down.

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

You did it! Way to go!


There goes Pelosi’s chance to say the impeachment was by bipartisan agreement.

Yes, I have already corrected my above post.

Chuck Todd was apoplectic about Trump being cheered in Michigan at the same time the impeachment vote was being tallied.

Ah, I see. Boards been dragging today. I called the man.

Article I passes by 230 to 197, 1 voted present.

:rofl: I saw a clip of Trump saying “It doesn’t feel like we’re being impeached.”

:crown: King of Trolls

What dumbass voted “present”?

She waved them off on the clapping!!! Hahaha!! Gave them the scowl!

Now voting on Article II.