Impeaching scotus judges

Let’s say trump did what we all think he did.
How would you feel about impeaching those judges he picked?
Precedent is have to go back 200 plus years for the last time,but you can do it.

We hell, most of the country doesn’t even care about this.

There would be no justification for impeachment of the justices period.

Actually there would be…simple partisanship would work…its actually really easy and simple…most people dont care at the moment…wait till it blows up

We’ve been hearing this for nearly two years with dem’s constantly fanning the flames and it still isn’t even on the public radar of things we care about as a country.

I’m wondering what I’m suppose to think what Trump did.

If the imam obama and his merry band of collusion gimps didn’t want trump appointing judges, they should have stopped trump before the election/inauguration.

If they had any evidence.


You’re all isn’t anywhere near all.

You have reacted the same, either by proxy or personally, when people say things with confidence you disdain about Hillary or Obama.

Yes impeached them and reinstated every executive order that Trump nullified from the Obama Admin.

The public not caring is not a reason…you got anything else?

Took 7 years for Ken to find out about the dress…I’m sure you were crying about how long that took…or bengazzzzzz which found nothing…I remember all those threads you made and commented on about how long it was taking…

Oh wait that was zero

Great troll job

This board didn’t exist in the 90’s and if it had I wouldn’t have known about it, I was a little too busy serving my country at the time.

In order to get congress to impeach a president it’s going to require a huge and overwhelming demand by the public at large on both sides of the aisle to get them to move on it so yes public sentiment is not only needed it is absolutely required.

Impeaching and removing a president from office is as difficult or nearly as difficult as amending The Constitution.

It’s pipe dreams and self aggrandizing fantasy.

Time for some (depending on your point of view) annoying history. :smile:

Even as the end was approaching for Richard Nixon in the Spring and Summer of 1974, the heavily Democratic Senate kept confirming his judicial nominees and a couple of judges that were nominated by Nixon were confirmed AFTER Nixon resigned and received their commissions from Ford.

In any event, Democrats are not likely to be in the possession of 67 Senate seats in the near or distant future.

Other than as a crack induced pipe dream, this ain’t happening.


That or the idea I like, when Democrats get full control again they add seats that a Liberal President can fill to give the court a Left lean again.


They could…they could have enough push if things are that bad with trump…

It may be a slim chance…but it could happen…

This seems as likely as everyone on my block simultaneously getting struck by lightning.

Given the wink emoji, I assume you are not actually being serious with this idea.

In any event, it is as bad an idea as when FDR tried it. It would lead to tit for tat retaliation when the political environment swung back.

And frankly, 9 is about as large as I think the Supreme Court can function with any modicum of efficiency. When you start getting to 11 or more, it would take the court months to issue decisions and just getting to decisions at all would be very tricky.

I actually support the idea of REDUCING the Supreme Court from 9 to 7, something that could be done by attrition, simply not filling the next two vacancies. In fact, I would abolish Kennedy’s seat rather than fill it and abolish the seat of the next to die/retire.

A court of 7 Justices would be vastly more efficiency and speedy than a court of 9 Justices.

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Do it.
You libs say you like change. You pull that ■■■■ and you will have change up the ying yang for probably 100 years until the various new countries that are formed from what used to be the United States settle down and and are no longer at war with one another.

Do it. I am the type that thrives in chaos. I’ll ■■■■■■■ love it.

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(Shhhh… you know… “when you’re a star…” )