Immigration rebellion

Love the headline

Congress is horrible.

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96% reelection of incumbents rate. We must like our peas… a lot.

We’re idiots.

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What’s the saying about politics and sausage. You shouldn’t watch.

This is why Trump won…

If I read it correctly, they have all agreed to have votes on bills that won’t pass.

No, the con bill won’t pass. A moderate bill with DACA/Dreamer provisions will be written and that will be passed and the Dems will get on board.

Meanwhile…our sadist in chief is separating toddlers from their parents at the border. Cuz…MAGA…

Will wait to see what the bill says. If it caves to Dems too much, Trump needs to veto it and enforce laws as written. He was not voted in as an amnesty President.

Cuz…crossing the border is illegal.

they are also seperating families seeking asylum. which is NOT a crime

The dems won’t mind that at all if it happens before the midterm’s.

But getting their own moderate plan is want this maneuvering is all about.

A hard line conservative plan would never pass, the dems would propose a more child friendly plan that might just pass…or if it just barely failed it would a victory for the dems.

DACA/Dreamer legislation is hugely popular, the R’s want to be seen as on the ‘‘right’’ sight of this issue.

Sure…we should remove infants from their mothers cuz…that’s not sadistic at all.

That’s what I’ve been telling y’all for years.

Because republicans weren’t happy just electing complete ■■■■■■■ morons to congress anymore and decided to put one in the oval office too? Yeah, that makes sense.

Trump supports making DACA into a law, as everyone knows. It just comes with reforms, not by itself.

Build a wall and stop it.
Were you this upset about it when Obama was doing it?

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It is a crime to cross illegally. Asylum can be sought in Mexico.

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Trump has already convinced you that this is true, didn’t he? You’re easy.

Unless they are Mexican nationals, their claims for asylum fell apart when they entered a new country.

You can’t be a Honduran in Mexico claiming you need asylum in the US because you would be in danger in Honduras. You aren’t in Honduras…hence you are not in danger.