I'm Starting To Change My Mind. Maybe Trump Is Right And Needs Our Support

I took the author’s advice from this article, and read it with an unbiased, open mind. Perhaps the conspiracy theory of the Deep State is actually real, and only Trump, Giuliani, and the loyal Trump base has it right here. Maybe there is a giant cabal of people out to get him, and he is the only one who can expose it and save us all from this secret society.

I admit that I have had my doubts, but with so many people here and out in the real world believing what this article lays out as being the truth, maybe I’ve been mistaken. I’m no longer certain of anything.

After reading this article, what do you guys all think? Is there something to all of this? Should I begin giving Trump more benefit of the doubt for exposing this huge Deep State conspiracy? Is it logical for me to suspend disbelief, and just run on faith here?


I think you are totally wrong. Mr Trump is a beautiful savant that will lead our country to great prosperity

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That’s perfect leftist writing… Keep an open mind after the title calls everything a conspiracy theory, and calls Rudy crazy. No Bias there…

Biden bragged about it…

Ol’ Flexible and the uranium queen bombed Libya and we don’t know why.

Obama IRS oppressed Republicans

Obama FBI lies about collusion…

International Op to feed Papadopoulos fake intel followed by op to have him talk about it…

Impeachment is fake news too…


That’s reality… look at the news, and the rest of the global economy.

So you didn’t read the article clearly. Are you going to do that before trying to derail the thread?

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“I took the author’s advice from this article, and read it with an unbiased, open mind.”

I don’t think this is accurate, do you?

Is this the total of talking points or is this just all you can remember?


Just the stuff off the top of my memory. As a right winger I have a good one, and thus can’t be fooled by the same fake news over and over…

Yes, I see.


Re read the article but this time slowly and dont get triggered.

As you read it each layer of the conspiracy theory ask yourself does this sound more probably with each additional layer of conspiracy or does it start to sound a little insane?

If the “deep state” could infiltrate so many different government organizations, if they could infiltrate party politics at every level, if they could control foreign governments then surely playing around with the electoral college results would be a cinch?

I can believe that there has been nefarious happening on both sides. I suspect some of these conspiracies have some truth to them but seriously when you combine them and take them as a whole then why stop there. Just go full conspiracy kook and believe everything is a conspiracy no matter how mundane.

I do. Now, did you read the article?

BTW Rudy is a crazy alcohol fuelled, conspiracy filled paranoid nut-job.

Last few times I have watched him have convinced me of that

That sounds like Deep State talk to me…

Peas are cool! Eat your Trump!


Good article about halfway through it trying to read it at work lol. I do believe in the CIA and FBI have a tendency of going rogue or at least have their own agenda. But I believed that for a long time way before Trump. Will read more.

Is this where the left pretends the deep state is a group that has a handshake ans secret meeting somewhere, and if you can’t find that it does not exist? KInd of the way they thought skull and bones ran the world?

The deep state is a description of people who stay in our bureaucracy guarding their own little kingdoms and share the same world view. Leftist globalism… Just like our press… You don’t see the MSM letting in conservatives. Same thing.

He pooped on his reputation.That’s for sure.

Not that I respected the NY Mayor who spit on the constitution anyway and then used 911 to run for president.

Just read the article and holy crap - kudos to Miller for spelling out in fine detail every conspiracy theory Trump supporters have clung to since 2016. Really explains it well for those who have the patience to read through it all.

Also? “Trump World” is so much better than “Trump Nation.” :wink:


And it just so happens that all of their interests coincide and their individual insidious plans never impact the others.

Come on dude your twisting reality to fit Trumps reality.

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Too much text, can’t be bothered with the article. But the thumbnail image…is hilarious.

Yes the author had a little fun while writing it…however his point stands.

When you put everything that the CEC and Donald Trump have thrown out there in the last two and a half years, it’s found to be an ad hoc collection of stories that together are an incoherent mess.

Which is why you never see the CEC put it all together like this.

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