I'm Starting To Change My Mind. Maybe Trump Is Right And Needs Our Support

There IS something to all of it.

The article does a great job … at dismissing the connected dots though.

You once again show your continuing ignorance about anything having to do with Libya. Remember when it had to be explained to you that they were in the midst of a civil war? Your expertise on the subject somehow skipped over that aspect.

It’s worth a read if you ask me. It lays out pretty succinctly what Trump, Giuliani, among many others on the right believe has happened and believes is still happening. This is reality and truth for them.

Such as? Which connected dots are dismissed and in what way?

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Quoted for the extreme irony of it…


The dots need to be imagined.

They don’t exist in reality.

From the article:

Instead, consider the possibility that the U.S. intelligence community (no one claimed the entire intel community was doing it) —desperate to prevent Trump from ascending to the presidency—worked with the Clinton campaign (no one claimed clinton called up intel people and made plans), Democratic National Committee insiders, intelligence agents in multiple foreign countries, and Ukrainian oligarchs in order to fabricate evidence of Russian interference ( No one claims Russain face boook ads were fake ) and cover-up what was an inside job all along. And that they used former British spy (and dossier author) Christopher Steele as their vehicle ( I’m not sure what he means, but we all know the dossier was as used to get FISA approval, and it was paid for by the Hillary campaign, and it contained fake dirt from Russians.)

That’s what the president and his team seem to believe. ( I know why he put that in there)

As far as I can tell this article is a semi false narrative. It’s pushing the idea that the left attempts to get rid of Trump with false collusion claims was planned and orchestrated all in advance and gosh, how silly is that.

It seeks to pretend it was the entire intel community instead of the leadership brought in by Obama.

The Trump admin did not write the article about Ukraine working to promote Hillary… I think Politico wrote that, but that’s not mentioned in the article. The article never mentions where the Trump team get much of their information, which is mostly from the press, as Dan Bongino documents in his book instead they call it the Trump team’s opinion.

From the articel:

“The conspirators colluded with DNC Chairwoman (and current Fox News contributor) Donna Brazile—through her consultant Alexandra Chalupa—to deny the FBI access to the DNC’s hacked servers.”

The clinton team did deny the FBI access to the hacked DNC server, we all know that. Why does the author have to use the word conspiracy and to bring up Chalupa and Brazile for a fact we all agree on!

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I would like to have the connections explained as well as who has been drawing the dots. Bonus points for names and organizations, not just “Deep State.”

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Very interesting read…talk about serious bird walking.

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Telling other people what they think and feel?

He was already showing signs the day after 9/11. He was like, hey maybe we should delay the primary (which were the same day) and I’ll stay mayor longer and New Yorkers were like, nah, son.

Typical liberal always accusing others of what they are. :roll_eyes:


You do understand that those quotes/descriptions are not from me, don’t you? I’d politely ask you to edit your post to signify this.

Also, I’m about as far from being a liberal as there is on this board. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you admit that a coordinated attempt to push Trump out is a false narrative.

You’re admitting that the story the CEC told of how it WAS a coordinated effort is a false narrative.

First step to healing is admitting you have a problem. :grin:

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There is a coordinated attempt to push Trump out. It’s just not the entire intel community as the author pushed. That’s fake news

LOL. Don’t remember that.

No, Loyalists wait for AM radio summaries.

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One thing about the article is it seems to point a change in strategy by the left from the fake impeachment to just pretending Trump and his team are conspiracy kooks.

Odd after 3 years of pushing a hoax…

Broadbrushing? And telling other people that they think and feel? :thinking:

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There was a coordinated effort to push John Gotti out too.