I'm lookning for the Biden DNC response to this, Can't find it

Threatening mobs surrounded, harassed and intimidated people engaging in the democratic process. So far the leader of these goons, Joe Biden has remained silent regarding this abhorrent behavior. Has anybody in the DNC told their mob to stop harassing voters who have done nothing wrong? I’m guessing they approve of having a goon squad working for them?

Warning, the video is disturbing (for normal people). 29 seconds of Biden supporters at their best.



C’mon man!


Okay. So nothing? Then Biden is the leader of a goon squad.

The linked article says it was “festive”. That’s all Byedon needs to take credit for.

I’m clearly making fun of him.

I know. :+1:

Our lib posters are strangley silent when it comes to their goons.

What the ■■■■ is wrong with these libs?

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It was “festive” according to the article. Some good natured razzing isn’t going to hurt those tender caterpillars, even if they are ancient and terrified of people who aren’t white.


They love violence and their goons. They are seriously sick.

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And the rapist and ped…

Somebody needs to ask Kamala why she is working for someone who she believes is a sexual predator.


Biden doesn’t want to upset what few voters he has!

I consider this festive:

This is NOT festive:



oh no how dare someone use their rights! outrage.

Well, I know which one you consider festive now.

Not there was much doubt. Suddenly personal space is no longer a thing.

Careful what you wish for.

giving someone the finger isn’t illegal.

OMG! Grandpa soiled himself when someone flipped them the bird.

Another pivot.

Care to point out where I even mentioned illegal? Anywhere?

So much flailing.

Pointing out the difference in what libs and others consider festive.

Too bad people can’t even walk on a street anymore without some little ■■■■ in their face acting like a tough guy.

How old are you?