I'm Kind of Done with the Fox News Web Site

Are you serious or just being facetious?? :thinking:

I have problems with them going more and more establishment gop but the idea of white supremacists is total hogwash.

Read the comments added to stories and you will see many racists and white supremacists posting. Just like the Breitbart comments section.

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Are you talking about general public comments? Any yahoo can comment on anything anywhere.

I thought they were talking about white racists within the fox organization/shows, etc.

If you want to talk about racists in general i would start with the Joy Reid/whoopi types.

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Yea i am just talking about the comments

Ok. One is liable to read most anything in the comments section of most any news site.

True. Crazies on both sides.

Really? Now I post hogwash? When did that start? So you’re saying that I have not seen comments such as, “Send them back to Africa, “They haven’t fully evolved”, or " we should have picked our own cotton.” Or “In commercials THEY all look so peaceful.” How about " It starts with an “N?” With screen names like NateHiggers. Followed by hundreds of “likes.”

So I made this up?

You really think the people working for Fox are saying those things do you? :thinking:

I’ve never run into it especially with our esteemed host.

You think I said that? Where did you come up with that?

I asked a question.

You can answer or not.

Up to you.

You do see some comments like that. It is against their written policy and I have reported some comments about that bad.
You also see comments like Trump being a traitor and should spend his life in jail etc.

My answer is that Fox is loaded with white supremacists. I provided you with examples. What you do with that is up to you.

The comments section on sites like Fox and Breitbart are full of racists and white supremacists. Breitbart especially