I'm Kind of Done with the Fox News Web Site

It has devolved into a tabloid format, with all kinds of gossip that I have no interest in reading. On those occasions where I can actually find world headlines, I have to sign up in order to read the article. The most recent example is the one below: I can read it for free on the CNN website.

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Then why can I link to that article without paying? (I agree they are using a lot of space for entertainment gossip and other non news items)

I apologize for any confusion. I didn’t mean to imply I had to pay. I just have to sign up, which I refuse to do. I already get more than my share of spam, and I have no interest in receiving Fox News spam. If you are able to read the article, then it sounds like you have already signed up.

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Same here. Most articles I want to read require that I provide them with my email address. Thanks but no thanks.

Fox has been going downhill. There are other places to get my news from.


I did sign up. I have an email account I sort of dedicate to signing up to things.


I did too. I haven’t received a single email from the yet.

Same with me. I avoid providing my email address like the plague. I hate spam!

The BBC revamped their website and it is horrible. No ability to choose the topics that interest me. No search capability. No real categories.

The quality of the news articles themselves is high just that navigation is non existent.

CNN is another horrible site. Tons of ads and too many adverts posing as a news story.

Briebart will have “sponsored” news stories so every site is at it.

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It may cost money but I’m a huge fan of Ground News. Not only does it have a great layout but it also breaks down the bias of the reporting, showing if it’s right wing or left wing. It also shows how both bias are reporting each news article.

I’ve been using it for a few months now. It’s 30 bucks a year but I’ve been getting my moneys worth out of it.

I agree. The BBC was one of my favorite news sites but their new layout is terrible.


Best not to expect too much from the english, reduces disappointment


That’s very true lol.

They make amazing documentaries though I will say. Something about British presenters. Always the best documentaries and docudramas.

Because they need ad revenue and most people are rocking ad blockers these days.

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I have a spam-collecting email that I haven’t opened in years. I use that for places where I must enter an email.

On the flip side, there are very few things that are important enough for me to give even that email address. FOX ain’t one of those.

Learn new things every day.

I always thought it was the reverse: that you were American living in England. I’ve had that wrong for years then.

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American women love accents for some reason.

My friend Russia was usually dating two or three girls at the same time. They couldn’t get enough of his Ruskiness. And he was a stereotypical Russian. Thick chiseled jaw, blue eyes, muscular like a Greek God for absolutely no reason.

He moved here with his family when he was 15.

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Ever notice Hannity does not mention his website very often…

I’ll read Fox News, mostly for the comments at the end. What has always caused me to wonder is that very controversial stories have the comments turned off. Hmmm. Can’t imagine why.

A lot of them aren’t very bright.