I'm Aggravated At The Goings On In This Country

Repeal citizens united, reinstate the fairness doctrine. Take money out of politics and our of partisan media.

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Airline pilots have to retire at 65. A person can be in charge of the nuclear arsenal into their eighties.
Seems odd. Rather than a constitutional amendment, all it takes is voting in primaries for candidates who are younger.
Why is that apparently so hard to do?

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We’ve spent decades yelling that the government is dangerous - what was Reagan’s joke? 9 scariest words? - and government workers are free loaders and the government should be drown in a bath tub, and you wonder why young people don’t want to go into government?

Petition state reps to require government and civics classes to graduate HS

The average American is as dumb as a box of rocks and 50% are dumber than that.

That is why we have Trump v Biden.

In addition to the age limit amendment I propose, I also propose getting rid of that stupidest of American inventions, the primary election. Parties are organizations and should choose their candidates internally.

Probably the most damaging idea of the progressive era was the primary election.

I would be much happier if we went back to selecting Presidential candidates in smoke filled rooms.

In most countries, the parties can “remove the whip” from disruptive fools like MTG and Gaetz, etc. They would simply refuse to renominate the rebellious individuals and nominate people who will support the party’s agenda and leadership. We can’t do that in the United States because of the stupidity of primaries.


They do go into government. There’s no shortage of young people in government.

You just can’t help it, can you.


Where in the world do you live? I wake up every day in the greatest country in the world. I certainly don’t spend my days awaiting for a certain type of government to save us. :joy:


Then why are we stuck with grandpa and grandpa?

Certain airlines.

Because we’re ignorant.

Read @Safiel’s post.

…blatant, DC corruption. That’s how and our southern border is the perfect example.

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the democrat and republican sheep.

just feed them ■■■■ and call it fois gras.


His post is good but mtg and gatz et al all exist because of CU and the repeal of the fairness doctrine and the motorization of demonizing government.

bEcAuSe rEaGaN!

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Why make a thread if you don’t want honest discussion? If you just want to pre tend superiority and point and laugh, just go to the mall.

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Sweet trolling.

Who brought up rEaGan?

Sweet caricature of a communist. A bad one, but none the less.

What’s your take on the 3/5th compromise?

I did.

That’s when the the start of monetized hatred of the government and for profit ideology started. Ending the Fairness Doctrine, fund raising off of hating the government - while running for government positions -, and expanding the rights of corporations to donate to political campaigns…

If you want an honest answer to your questions, start there.