“Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple."


Tonight will unprecedented, instead of calming the nations fears over a emergency or crisis, as previous addresses did, the President will do the opposite attempt to manufacture fear in order to satiate his own vanity.


Crisis creation 101.


"According to the report, in 2014, 42 percent of all undocumented persons in the U.S. were “overstays.”

Of those who arrived or joined the undocumented population in 2014, 66 percent were overstays."

Ok. So that is what is meant by “most.” That sounds like a significant additional problem rather than alleviating the border problem.
So…the obvious answer is to increase ICE funding for interior enforcement, increase tracking of visa stays, and for states to assist ICE in enforcement.
Kind of the opposite of what the Democrats are wanting.


Or, alternatively, we could increase interior enforcement and hire more ICE agents.


Oh, Trump will create chaos. It’s what he does.

Confident people won’t fall for it.


It’s amazing.

  1. You make a transparently absurd campaign promise (build a giant wall, paid for by Mexico).
  2. You fail to make that happen because it was a transparently absurd promise, and you have no actual plan to execute it, and it’s not popular with the general electorate.
  3. Shut down the government and declare a state of emergency (presuming he’s going to do this, as his Fox News advisory team wish him to) to create drama on TV to please your insane base.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!


no no no no no. I don’t understand all that. I know what a wall is though, so that’s what we need. That and Brawndo.


Refusing a pathway for citizenship for DACA recipients is more important than a “ZOMG, NATIONAL EMERGENCY!”?


“Needs of the country.”

Maintaining family support networks provides an increased likelihood of success when establishing new roots.

Taking this argument to the logical extreme, then only the economic contributor would be given access to immigrate here. Not their dependents whether that be their spouse or children…


democrats want to fund the government and pay for those at the border(CBP) at the airport (TSA)

4 bills have been proposed in the house with the new democratic leadership…w


Yeah. I guess that’s why there’s rarely a need to take things to the logical extreme. The other logical extreme would be if you can bring your wife, why not your village?


I love how this was barely a topic before the 2018 election, because they didn’t want to draw too much attention to the fact that no way in hell the GOP House was going to fund this boondoggle.

But right after they lose the House, the Fake Republican Media catapults this straight to National Emergency, and Brainless Donnie dances mindlessly to their tune.

Can’t stop laughing. So fake.


No one is making the argument to bring the village. Just the family.


Trump is still willing huh? I assume you have proof to back up this assertion?


Quantum dimensional chess?


Nailed it. With one caveat. Most of us are smarter than that. There remains about 1/3rd of “us” that are clearly not smart enough to get it.


The more Trump keeps doubling down on his wall, something a majority of Americans don’t want, by ginning up fear with lies, the more it will bite him in the ass.


there is a lot of ass to bite too


And gay marriage will lead to people marrying their dog… standard tactics.


So what you’re saying is, the entire “Democrats are for open borders and want illegal immigrants to enter the country for votes” talking point is complete and total BS?

Glad you can admit it. Thanks.