“Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple."


And no one is making the argument that a legal immigrant can’t bring their wife, either.


The kind of argument used around here and from Democrats


its not an argument that there is a lot of ass to bite…


That was his proposal in 2016 and I have never seen a retraction. You have evidence of such a retraction, or am I suppose to prove his position hasn’t changed hourly?


They can use the money that trump hasn’t spent yet. How would they go about doing “interior enforcement?”


The latest is that he shot down a proposal from Mr. Graham that would exchange $5.7B in wall funding for renewable three year work permits for DACA recipients. A position even less than what you claim is still on the table.


Democrat Politicians like Hillary, and Obama could care less about border protection.

They only pander to the moderates and people in the middle because they have to for
their votes. The Democratic Politicians are simply showing the American people
their true colors right now on the border. The wall would mean millions of less
illegals voting for them, and that’s a blow that they couldn’t handle.

I hope that Trump pulls an Executive Order tonight! That would make the Democratic
Party go into a frenzy, unlike this country has never seen media wise and Politics wise!!!


I thought you did not believe in conspiracies…

Go ahead and prove this then!


With all do respect, it’s kinda one of those things that’s just common sense.


It really is starting to scare me how Trumpists are also randomly capitalizing letters, like him……

What’s the deal with that???


With all due respect, that is not something Trumpists have.

Millions of federal crimes you have zero evidence of, LOL!


You would hire more ICE agents and use them to increase apprehensions and subsequent deportations. Same way you increase criminal apprehensions by hiring more police.




Walk me through the process involved in apprehending people who overstay their visas.


I am sorry. You need to talk to an ICE agent, one of whom I am not. Nor can I walk you through a typical arrest by a policeman.

Here’s a simple example by attorneys who want to help illegal visa holders stay (for a price)

I’m sure google can help you more.

Now…obviously more ICE agents, more immigration judges etc…more apprehensions.


Illegal immigration is wrong vs Mexico is sending us their rapists and we’re going to build a Great Wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.

It’s almost like those two sentiments aren’t the same and could lead to disagreements.


What do you do when it’s 8 hours later and the OP has disappeared?


That’s not an example of how ICE will go about finding all those visa overstays. Nice try, though.


Then, the dems should give him his money and declare victory…

Trump is Cool…