Illegal immigration and Kids

I am beyond ticked off at the IGs conclusions but not his report. Now I want to see what those in authority are going to do about the crimes listed in the report? Historically…all I’ve heard is talk and I won’t be shocked if that’s all there is this time too. I’ll just be disheartened once again at the failing of my country to live up to the high standards I’ve always believed “we” stand for.

The previous administration sent out a message (started it)…that message has been removed. Now is time to fix the problem and the D are the ones refusing to work and compromise.

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I shovel dog ■■■■. Does that qualify for a menial job that doesn’t pay much?

What are all of the “crimes” listed in the report that you’re referencing here?

And why are you upset at the conclusions made by Horowitz? Because his conclusions do not match what you had believed his conclusions would have been, before the investigation’s conclusion?

I would also add no rental of homes or housing (like an “anchor home”) without punishment or fine to the homeowner or eviction of the person renting on behalf of illegals.

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Atta boy! Go after the private sector to fix the failed state.

It costs even a more absurd amount of money not to build a wall and strongly enforce or border from all points of entry.

I am a business owner. I am all in favor of loss of business licenses, fines and jail time. As these are already Federal Law, I’d have to say I’d be in favor of zero tolerance and strict enforcement of the laws.

Really? Can you quantify what costs would be for enhanced border security measures being employed to sufficiently enforce the border, and compare that to the estimates of the wall, which is going to cost between $20BB-$40BB.

Ah more partisan ■■■■■■■■…dems were willing to fund his wall…stop being so dishonest camp…

Cost of the wall: 20 BB
Cost of the wall: 40 BB

Fiscal burden per year of illegal immigrants: 3 BB and rising.

Break even point: 20 BB 6.6 years
Break even point: 40 BB 13.3 years

Consider the deterrent factor which decreases the fiscal cost per year. That should be factored in as well.

It cost taxpayers an estimated $43.9 billion to educate illegal alien students in the 2015-2016 school year, and $59.2 billion for programs to educate students lacking proficient English skills, according to a Wednesday report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Slaughtering cows is a easy job?again you are avoiding the issue. Americans dont want to do these jobs…

“We” will save a lot of money by building the wall. Are you in now?

But did they “intend” to hire illegals?

Is eVerify 100% foolproof?

Edit of my previous post. I picked up an incorrect number:

That does not calculate that the cost of enhanced security measures that are sufficient to secure the border would exceed the costs of building a great wall. One that can be defeated with a rope or a shovel. Nor does it address the fact that many of the illegal immigrants that are here, are a result of visa overstays, and not a direct crossing at the border illegally.

Okay. And a wall does nothing to address this, nor does it address where the lion’s share of these illegal immigrants originate from, which is visa overstays. We don’t need an insanely expensive 16th century solution to a 21st century problem.

Mexico I assume you mean because they are like err paying for it

No, “we” would spend an absurd amount of money constructing a wall which will not have much impact on the actual problem that needs to be addressed. I’m not interested in spending billions of dollars to feeeeeeeel better.