Illegal immigration and Kids

I’m really getting sick and tired of the dishonesty and reporting on this subject.

After reading everything available from anything resembling a credible source this is what I’m finding.

If you follow the legal process as a refugee and present yourself at the border asking for asylum and there is room to do so you are taken to a detention center awaiting processing. If it appears you may have a valid claim, you will be held pending a hearing.

In these cases if parentage can be established the parents and kids are not separated.

If however you sneak into the country illegally are interdicted you are properly and rightfully arrested for illegal entry.

If at that time you claim asylum you will be processed accordingly but you will most likely be separated from your kids just like any other criminal who is arrested and jailed for an offense.

Whether the kids come in with or without a parent, the rules are the same for how unaccompanied kids are treated and yes, when separated from their parents they become “unaccompanied minors”.

The detention centers where those kids are being held are absolutely not the gulags and concentration camps being reported and sworn to by democrats.

The conditions the kids are living in are no worse than those US military personnel live in every day especially during things like basic training.

Their quarters are clean, modern, temperature controlled, have running water, hot meals, snacks, activities, supervision and care.

The parents are using these kids in an attempt to circumvent US law and get special treatment over illegals who don’t show up with kids and democrats in this country are doing nothing but encouraging more to do the same and to further split the country over the issue.


An article here explains part of it.

We do not have a policy of administrative separation. We are not doing that. Families or people that come across as a group, as a family-unit group, are being separated only if the adults are being prosecuted or if there’s a determination made by the agent that there’s not actually a family relationship, which has happened several hundred times just in the sector this year.

We do see the attempt by smugglers and those crossing to try to exploit the loopholes created by court decisions which don’t allow for ICE to detain family units through the completion of their immigration process. So they have to release them within 20 days. That means it’s incentivizing people to pretend to be families even if they’re not. That’s [happened] 600 times just in Rio Grande Valley sector this fiscal year.


Good thread. Very informative.:+1:

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And from the same article.

So that’s incentivizing people to come fraudulently with kids?
That’s the catch-and-release loophole due to the interpretation of the Flores [2015 class-action lawsuit] settlement by the 9th Circuit District Court that says that ICE cannot detain families more than 20 days. So instead of being allowed to keep that family together through their immigration process, ICE is forced to release the family. So that’s the loophole that incentivizes people to present as a family even if they’re not.

And importantly from the same article.

We’re prosecuting the parents; they’re temporarily separated for prosecutors. So they go to the U.S. marshals; they will be prosecuted by the U.S. attorney’s office. Then they’re detained by ICE while the child is sent to Health and Human Services, in the custody of HHS.

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If anybody actually cared before now, you’ve had decades to act. The problems of today are all due to the inactions of yesterday. Now let’s all agree to unite, build the wall and fix this problem once and for all. If you choose not to, you own this problem going forward?


Hogwash. There are plenty of us that want this issue addressed and resolved without spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on a pointless Great Wall Of Mexico. An action meant to make people feeeeeeeel better about things, but realistically accomplishes very little in addressing the actual issue.


We’ve been doing the “nothing way” for decades and that method owns today. Now it’s time to fix it and build the wall.


All we have to do is punish the businesses that hire the illegal immigrants. Businesses like car dealerships and farms and such.

Lock up a few CEOs and business owners and that fixes the problem.

Prices on a number of things here will then rise but that’s what people evidently want.

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I 110% agree and that opportunity has been available but not enforced. I no longer want to leave this to the discretion of those who are responsible for enforcement. I want a wall.


I agree it’s time to fix the issue. But the solution is not a 16th century solution that won’t fix much and will cost an absurd amount of our money.

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I definitely agree a huge part of the issue is the allowance of businesses hiring illegal immigrants with little to no repercussions. But it is one of many issues that need to be resolved too.

I’m done listening to those that want to continue on doing the same ole thing and getting the same ole results. The wall will work and “we” need to build it.


Clean your glasses then, because I never said to continue the status quo. The wall is nothing more than a $20-$40 Billion waste of mine and your money.

…bull feces.

What a strong, logical rebuttal you offer here. :rofl:

Are you still pretty emotional over the IG report not confirming your biases or something? :thinking:


When have they aggressively locked up business owners?

Your party has the keys. They can pass legislation to severely punish business owners who employee illegal aliens. Get it done Gomer.

Well, unless you want a less effective solution or don’t want to spank business owners.

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Build the wall. Fund the wall, embrace the wall.

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Nonsense. The D created the crisis and now insist on illegal narcotics and human trafficking to continue by dramatizing law enforcement in a negative light.

The VOTERS get it and want the border circus to stop. Build the wall.

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We’ve been doing nothing because businesses want cheap labor and labor that Americans wont do.
Are you gonna go pick strawberries or slaughter cows?

No, no you are not and neither is the OP.

Both parties and Americans created this mess…but glad you put on your partisan pants today