I'll play Devils' Advocate- a post-COVID world is going to be problematic



I’m incredibly optimistic. The market loves President Trump. We’ll see a very nice rebound. It’s trying right now. It just needs a little spark to ignite. Maybe in two or three weeks, we’ll see it catch fire.

Well…a $4 trillion backstop from the Fed goes a long way.

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Or the mitigation.

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that’s because obamy and the leftist brigade took over. the market was not allowed to properly recover with new regs and taxes. thats why it dragged on for 8 agonizing anemic years.

someone who actually wants to help you and america is pres now. this may help, but self serving america haters illegal lovers like Pelosi are still around.

keep the faith. and buy gold


8 agonizing anemic years that had faster job growth and many quarters and years of faster GDP growth than under the “greatest economy the world has ever seen”.

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worst recovery since great depression.

look how youve been brainwashed to think it was good

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You have no idea what you’re talking about. It taken 2014 to to get us back to where it was.

At end of 2016 growth was 1.6. Housing marked had finally turn to somewhat normal.

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lol, if it weren’t for social issues… I could flirt with being a republican given that I’m a pro-business entrepreneur… so we probably agree on a lot of things.

Call me cynic. I’m not a republican.

Maybe their should be a proactive department which tracks supply and demand data, so people out of work can know which goods and services are in short supply and which are oversupplied, so underemployed citizens can hook into supplying something people need.

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No 'long in depth study" could possibly be conducted in a 30-60 day time frame.

The author is out of her mind.

The Dow will be back in or near record territory by September and Oil prices will be back in the fifty dollar range if not higher.

That would require people with a lot of capital and flexibility.

We’re beyond the age where small home businesses and Mom and Pop Shops can produce what most consumers want and need.

I am not aware of any majors or O&G market firms (IHS, Spears, Woodmac…) that is predicting $50+ oil price over the next 18 months.

One row boat in Hormuz can change that in a day.

Did they predict it to go below $20 this month?


Anything is possible.

Which makes “predictions”…

There are informed and uniformed predictions. There is probability. Could oil price go up to $150/bbl? It’s possible. But is it probable?

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Sorry, the phrase we were looking for was “practically useless.”

If you say so but that’s not how businesses with skin in the game operate.