I'll admit it, I really thought all the widespread voter fraud stuff was just nonsense


Registering only starts the process to determine if you’re eligible to vote. It doesn’t make you automatically able to vote.


What about people in the country illegally who are able to obtain driver’s licenses in California under a law passed in 2013?

Padilla noted that there is already a separate process for residents in the country illegally to apply for special licenses. Although citizens are currently offered the opportunity to register to vote at the DMV under an earlier federal law, noncitizens are not. That will continue under the new registration process. People applying for the special licenses will not be asked about their eligibility to vote and will not be asked if they’d like to opt out of registration.

“We’ve built the protocols and the firewalls to not register people that aren’t eligible,” Padilla said. “We’re going to keep those firewalls in place."



That’s exactly why we needed to have 8 Benghazi investigations.


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I’m getting tired of this idiocy from people who I KNOW know better.

It’s not a perfect world because it isn’t.

Nothing is 100% enforceable, so if there are scattered cases of ineligible voters voting, it’s not the sign of a widespread crisis…it’s just statistics.

And I KNOW you know this.


Because you cons keep messing it up.


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It won’t stop the Trump Republican and the Republican Media consumers from continuing to say that millions of illegals voted.


Oh…by Dumblap… a numb democrat.

Gotcha! And lastly…

What that means? What kind of -------- RIGHT! was you? I think that part was redacted.


A study that could never even really begin much less be completed since the states refused to cooperate.


They’ve done a pretty good job of trying to paint this as an ideological difference between Dems and Republicans - but this effort is partisan strategy and NOTHING more. They want to make it as difficult as possible for groups of people who mostly vote dem to pull that lever. End of story, full stop.


Well that’s blatantly false unless you’re going to assert that everyone committing voter fraud is voting democratic when of course we know better.


If there was more money in casting a vote, more people would do it illegally.

However, unlike Daley and Pendergast, the modern politician doesn’t give much back to their staunch (some times dead) supporters.


Bull crap. Voter ID would largely disenfranchise the disabled and minorities. That’s where this entire narrative starts.


There is virtually very little in person voter fraud…which has been proven over and over again.

The various types of voter supression the Republicans push for, is to lower voter turnout.
And it is working.


Which we know to be false which is why the SCOTUS has repeatedly upheld Voter ID laws.


No it certainly hasn’t and can’t be proven.

How do you catch in person voter fraud at the polls without Voter ID unless someone is stupid enough to vote multiple times at the same polling place in the same election or dumb enough to admit it?


Then it can’t be proven that its widespread.


Why would anyone committing vote fraud go to the trouble of appearing at a polling place when they could simply order an absentee ballot? No id required…