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Did you guys know that the republicans here watch Rachel Maddow? And SNL? And Colbert? They don’t ignore any of that stuff. Or even the democrats from California. It’s a sweet setup.

lol. Good analogy. I enjoy SNL on occasion. And maddow’s coverage of the election was gold, Jerry. Pure gold!! Colbert was always a satirical genius, even though he could use a little soap in his mouth…but so could I.

I havn’t watch SNL since . .

hamberger, hamberger, hamberger – coke, coke, coke.

No more now it’s

Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger – pepsi, pepsi, pepsi

Or you could move since we bug you so much. :slight_smile:

I generally try to avoid it as well, but when someone makes it clear that they are either a troll or utterly divorced from reality, I have found that the forum is just a better place without dealing with that nonsense.

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I’m aiming to drive out libs to a place that caters to em.

Maybe the safe heaven forum is better suited for you snowflake.

You can pay us to take a trip to The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. They cater.

Go to a 7/11. Oh wait, that’s Indian women. Biden confused me.

I have read that the developers at Discouse.org are philosophically against individual user mute/ignore.

At least, that was true a couple years ago. Maybe still. It really seems to be a kumbaya mentality that is for a community of polite and kind people. Maybe they did not anticipate the vicious hate that people put into their posts about our president or the lies they post about our president’s supporters. I would welcome the ability to ignore the hate and the lies.

THAT is a great synopsis of the old board from 2008-2017. kumbaya brotha!

Join Twitter. Follow Hillary.

Good lord… you must have a good memory. I understand that you must be angry and hurt if you have been wronged by posts in the past. But posting now for revenge seems … at odds with our attempt to make America great again. Such revenge posting also seems at odds with the spirit of the new forum.

So … again. I would welcome the ability to mute/hide the revenge posters.

it’s not just Trump that doesn’t see the irony of his own posts/tweets.

I don’t need it, I can take hearing from the other side. Have a nice day, ish.

apparently most libs here cannot, considering that they are now obsessed with revenge just because in times past they … heard from the other side

Well, what one poster considers “revenge”, other posters might consider “holding accountable for principles conveyed previously”.

thanks. now I learned a euphemism for the ugly word “revenge”

cool! feel free to smash that Like button on my post :wink:

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