Re-instituting religion forum rule?

I would gladly, cant an ignore function on mobile.

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I think he means the ignore function in your brain.

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Thanks for your “help”… I tried to phrase my request to open up for discussion as politely as I could, but I’ve been dismissed enough times to get the hint.

No dismissive tone intended, I apologize. I didn’t think this forum even had an ignore.

Exactaly what I mean – if you know it’s a poster that is going to have stuff you don’t agree with, don’t like, or find offensive personally (but is withing the TOS of the forum), then skip it. Don’t read it. Don’t cause yourself greif. This one doesn’t appear to have any type of ignore feature.

here is something I wrote about lack of the ignore function here.

Atheists are being persecuted!

Then go to a forum with those rules.

We had those rules at one time. They really didn’t interfere too much with discussions, but just made the discussions much more respectful. They were still vigorous discussions though. It wasn’t like a sanctuary like some people want.

I think I will stay here and lobby for a subforum that has special rules for those who seek fellowship and not debate.

Your post -basically a kick and a shove to get the hell out - seems to run counter to the forum rules. I’m surprised that is permitted here.

The old rule was a good thing. The religion forum should consist of polite, congruent discussion anyone can post as long as it remains polite and congruent.

Similar rules-whether written or not - are in effect elsewhere in this forum. Like I saw a thread where people were sharing stories of depression and their battles with it. I will venture to say that if anyone goes onto that thread and ridicules those with depression and calls it a fake illness or evidence of weakness… they would likely be banned from the entire forum. Strange… those who have stories of spiritual journeys or spiritual struggles are not offered that simple courtesy here.

That’s because depression is real

Then it should be a no brainer that a small piece of the forum could give these people a chance to experience spirituality without harassment.

As one of the people who advocated getting rid of the special rules several years ago: The Special Rules was killing the Religion Forum, and actually bringing about more bickering (over whether special rules were being broken or should be invoked) that many decided coming into the Religion Forum was more hassle than it was worth. Threads that touched on religion began cropping up in the Politics and General Interests forums where people weren’t harassed about special rules.

The rules already in force in the Hannity Forum are enough without having to add another component to them. No matter which sub-forum one is in, refusal to take the bait and the ability to simply walk away should suffice. (Just my two cents having been through both Special Rules and the relaxation of such rules over the past dozen years.)

Maybe being atheist and speaking your mind about ideas you disagree wirh helps with spirituality and anxiety. Sounds more like your guys echo chamber went away with the new forum and you’re wanting to censor those who actually challenge your beliefs. But hey, if you’re suggesting that people are religious just because it helps them emotionally I agree. Many people believe myths and fairy tales to cope with the struggles of reality.

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Challenging your religious beliefs isn’t harrassment. Nor is expressing an opinion that a religious belief is a myth or a fairy tail. It’s absurd to think that some people cling so tight that they can’t have an honest discussion about what others believe or reject in the religious realm without being emotionally insecure. There is hard evidence that depression exists. There isn’t hard evidence that the mythologies of the Bible actually happened. So, if you want to say you just believe in the Bible and want to be left alone because it makes you feel good - then you need to say it DURING the conversation. Not run off to the mods and try to shut down those who disagree with you. I have just as much right as you do to reject religious myth and express it. It’s not harassment. It’s an opinion.

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I think what people want is not for people like you coming into a religious conversation and being condensing to their beliefs. That is the problem. You are coming off condescending to ones personal religious belief. You don’t have to believe it and you can have a discussion and question a person with out sounding like a jerk.
You basically are proving the OPS point of wanting some kinda of rule to allow for civil discourse not to just jump in and be rude to people. because apparently some people don’t know how to talk about Religion and beliefs with out attacking a person and saying they believe in made up stuff.

Atheists get attacked all the time in the forum with false claims, what they aren’t capable of, along with having to defend false claims about science. Quit playing the victim and quit trying to shut us out for expressing our beliefs aboit myths we reject. It’s not harrassment. It’s not attacking. We are expressing our OPINION. Take a look in the mirror. I can express my opinion about things I don’t believe. So please post a quote where someone has been “attacked”. Otherwise, get off the high horse and quit trying to shut out discerning opinion. Until you and others provide a concrete example if being attacked let me know.

You guys are just looking for a reason to ban atheists from expressing their disbelief. That’s all it is. So yes. Atheists are now being attacked and tried to be shut out.