Re-instituting religion forum rule?

I remember back in the day there were special rules for the religion forum. I think at one point they were removed or something? Anyway, I’m personally seeing the need for them again, and was wondering if that issue could be opened up for discussion.


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I’ve heard there were rules where people could not just dismiss or attempt to break one’s faith in God.

rules like that?

Yes, it was something like that. I cannot remember how it was worded, but for instance you couldn’t tell someone they believed in “sky fairies” or that their God was “all in your imagination.” Things like that are starting here again because the new feed style has the religion forum on the front page all the time and people don’t remember/know the tone of that subforum.

it would be nice to have a place where you dont have to defend your belief in God to people who are not at all interested in anything but ridicule.

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There is … its called a church.

You wanna get on a discussion forum but dont expect someone to challenge your beliefs? Does that mean you wont be posting in the politics board anymore? After all you seem to be challenging others views there that dont match yours.

Stop being a snowflake.


I was offering the OP some commiseration as a friendly fellow forum member. He was asking only about having such rules in one and only one subforum.

But ummm… you can challenge ME any ■■■■■■■ day you want, fella… in any forum.

The problem is we had a small tight knit group of religious folks who would discuss theological nuances, and it’s frustrating when staunch atheists come into that discussion with “Who cares? It’s all made up ■■■■■■■■ anyway. Lolo sky faeries.”

The religion forum used to have that rule and it was great. And I say that as someone who used to post there when I was an atheist. There is a way to do it politely but there is no sense in barging in like the Kool Aid man to disrupt a theological discussion where you don’t even agree with the general understood premise. It’s entirely disruptive.


We actually asked for the “special rules” to be removed from the religion forum. They have been gone for years. That being said, “Sky Fairies” have nothing to do with religion, and if that is the trivia someone wishes to discuss, perhaps s/he can take it outside the religion forum.

It’s readlly simple. Just ignore the comments you don’t like and don’t want to respond to.

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I would gladly, cant an ignore function on mobile.

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I think he means the ignore function in your brain.

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Thanks for your “help”… I tried to phrase my request to open up for discussion as politely as I could, but I’ve been dismissed enough times to get the hint.

No dismissive tone intended, I apologize. I didn’t think this forum even had an ignore.

Exactaly what I mean – if you know it’s a poster that is going to have stuff you don’t agree with, don’t like, or find offensive personally (but is withing the TOS of the forum), then skip it. Don’t read it. Don’t cause yourself greif. This one doesn’t appear to have any type of ignore feature.

here is something I wrote about lack of the ignore function here.

Atheists are being persecuted!

Then go to a forum with those rules.

We had those rules at one time. They really didn’t interfere too much with discussions, but just made the discussions much more respectful. They were still vigorous discussions though. It wasn’t like a sanctuary like some people want.

I think I will stay here and lobby for a subforum that has special rules for those who seek fellowship and not debate.

Your post -basically a kick and a shove to get the hell out - seems to run counter to the forum rules. I’m surprised that is permitted here.

The old rule was a good thing. The religion forum should consist of polite, congruent discussion anyone can post as long as it remains polite and congruent.