Ignore function


With all the new features that let you know who’s responded in a thread and who’s responded to you…I don’t think you need one.

I’ve never used Ignore and never will.

in real life?

he’s irrelevant now.

Are snowflakes still whining?

Dude. You gotta follow Bill Maher.

I found it (which I bet others have and may have posted), but…

Click your Avatar circle in the top right corner, then…

  • Preferences (the small gear)
  • Notifications
  • Users

Just start typing names.


Constant brigading media matters, Trump hate talking point Marxist, troll posts gets old. Not entertaining, disrespectal to real Americans.

An ignore function will make them go away.

Completely agree!

The software used for this new forum is called Discourse (well played, masterminds), and it does not appear to have any plugins for a full-on ignore feature. There seems to be quite a few topics on the matter.


Yeah there were 3 guys on the old forum i blocked out and would love to do so again.

like… who lets stinky foul mouthed vagrants come into one’s house and poop on the floor?
We deserve the capability to keep some people away from us.

“Pay no attention to the poop on the floor” just doesn’t work.

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That’s true. Very true. There were at least 3 guys i didn’t want to be exposed to any part of their nonsense. Not even a word of it.

If I can do it anonymously, I will contribute money to a fund to help pay for modifications that would give us an ignore function. I’m too easily trolled by some and it takes me awhile to realize it. And then I feel like I need a mental cleansing after interacting with them on good faith. Ugh…

I wear it as a badge of honor. :rofl:

No help on Chinese women, but I can forward you a couple of emails in my spam folder from Nigerian princesses if you want to meet them … supposedly, they are looking to offload tons of cash …:grin:


I suspect I’m on that list as well :grin:

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Birds of a feather my friend. It’s amusing to consider that two principled conservative voices are part of the three total he feels the need to avoid. :rofl:

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Old Hannity forum became outdated. Times have changed. Leftist Troll armies are on every conservative forum. 24/7. Obstructing and twisting. Debate is pointless.

There is no congruent discussion . No way Trump supporters can communicate about future campaign activites, without barrages of interruption and obstruction.

These trolls hate Trump and Everything Hannity stands for. There is no value in discussing with people, literally performing as programmed bots, it is a waste of time.

This means the new forum, as beautiful and potentially useful as it could be for conservatiive planning and action, is rendered useless like the old forum turned out after mass invasions of leftist trolls who just move over to the new forum.

An ignore function would help the mods. The ability to prevent returning trolls woukd akso be necessary.

It’s not an “echo chamber” I am looking for, it’s something of value. The USA is at stake. Unity is necessary.

Unfortunately there are no real useful conservative forums or social media where you don’t have to constantly fight off hordes of Trump haters. So the trolls win.

People that just babble accomplish nothing. This forum could be a place of action and planning, not vain wasting time.

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Times really haven’t changed at all. Republicans were regularly making the same claim—This place used to be great before it was overrun with the libs!—back when I joined the old forum in . . . 2004. It’s one of the oldest cliches at hannity.com. :slight_smile:


Defintion of insanity “cliche” is valid in this case.

I am not stupid enough to waste my time any longer, trying to argue with Trump haters.