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You got the fact that you can use BBCode on text. The code is (u)underline(/U) but using brackets “[ ]” instead of parenthesis.


How do delete PMs?

When you open the message, you’ll see your own user name among the participants. There’s a little x. Hit the x.

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I found that clicking on the Sean Hannity pic took me to all the threads.

When I’ve used the blockquote function it leaves the word “blockquote” in the quote. Is that the way it’s supposed to be?

One ignore button, as stated, not a complete ignore.

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testing this

I think you just post the link: (also, this is how you post pictures?)

lol - thanks! I could have sworn I gave that a go but I guess not.

Good tip. I like that.

You don’t have to post the link to pictures.

  1. Find the picture you want
  2. Right click to open the context menu
  3. “Copy Image”
  4. Go to your post
  5. “Paste”

Someone can check me on this but I THINK it posts a local copy of the image instead of “hot linking” to the picture. (Which, in a rare case, “hot linking” could cause a problem if the source site changes the image but keeps the same link.)


Just checking to see how the quote function works

I resized it by changing the 333x500 to 150x350. And again at 50x150:

Why does it not pick up who you’re quoting sometimes. Is it a time thing?

Let’s see.


The dark theme is as startling as the default. It would be nice to have a compromise between the two.

Try pink. lol

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LOL I’m more of a beige kind of guy. :wink:

Pink, gray, beige. Meh. The internet can look however you want it to without having to know a thing about coding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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