Ignore function

Less scrolling. What’s it to you?

Looks like you all are going to have to either read stuff you disagree with, or just scroll past. I havn’t found anything that looks like an ignore.

Sooooooo pretend you have partial mod powers and no one can hide from you :star_struck:


Here too. I though silence may do it, but that’s not a user option.

Ca you add the feature?


Uuuuuh your talking to the mod who almost completely deleted the Politics form the other night. :exploding_head:

Talk2 might. He’s the guru

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The only thing you can ignore is notifications.

Suppress all notifications from these users.

You will still see their posts, but won’t receive notifications of their activity within posts you’re active.

yeah…thats lame

Anyone know how to meet Chinese women?

get your nails done at the mall


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I can’t find that.

Honestly, I didn’t try it. I just copy pasted from discourse faq. I have a different interface, and it’s difficult to simulate your user functions. If you discover the silence button, please roadmap it.

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I’m telling you man…libs need to move to China. Chinese goverment and libs think alike.

Did you guys know that the republicans here watch Rachel Maddow? And SNL? And Colbert? They don’t ignore any of that stuff. Or even the democrats from California. It’s a sweet setup.

lol. Good analogy. I enjoy SNL on occasion. And maddow’s coverage of the election was gold, Jerry. Pure gold!! Colbert was always a satirical genius, even though he could use a little soap in his mouth…but so could I.

I havn’t watch SNL since . .

hamberger, hamberger, hamberger – coke, coke, coke.

No more now it’s

Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger – pepsi, pepsi, pepsi

Or you could move since we bug you so much. :slight_smile:

I generally try to avoid it as well, but when someone makes it clear that they are either a troll or utterly divorced from reality, I have found that the forum is just a better place without dealing with that nonsense.

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I’m aiming to drive out libs to a place that caters to em.