Ignorance Should Be Painful

A woman launched a petition to change the name of Lynchburg because, you know why they named the city that, right? Apparently neither does she.

" Daisy Howard has launched a petition to the Lynchburg City Council, writing that “if black lives truly matter to the city, then such a word defining the hanging of people of color can and will be eliminated.”

" According to Chief Public History Officer Ted Delaney, John Lynch was actually a progressive Quaker who fought for the freedom of African Americans. Delaney told WSET-TV, “He believed in emancipating slaves. He had slaves but freed all of his. He’s supporting recolonization, which is sending slaves back to Africa. He did not believe in perpetuating the institution of slavery in this country.”

I doubt this woman is smart enough to be embarasssed for her ignorance.

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Fortunately it frequently is.

Unfortunately as humans it’s usually the most painful lessons we remember best.

Daisy Howard needs to change her name to Karen.


This speak volume of the public education system in America.


Leave it to Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze to strike a match and light its own hair on fire because someone started a petition.

“Snowflake #597 starts petition to change thing they’re mad about” doesn’t usually make news. But it does at TheBlaze.


Leave it up to the lib posters at Hannity to make it about the messenger and not the message.


If you can’t refute the message make it about the messenger. …

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How so? That our teachers are so incredible that they can support even the most seemingly hopeless individual through our rigorous curriculum?

I agree!

USA, USA, USA :us: :us::us:

I’m certainly not going to light my hair on fire because a random person I’ve never met, a thousand+ miles away, petulantly started a petulant petition.

If you and TheBlaze want to light your hair on fire over that, by all means, but don’t be surprised when people ask why that was a story worth writing in the first place.

What’s ironic is that you literally just did what you scolded me for doing…making it about the messenger (me) instead of the message…which is that it’s hilariously asinine to light one’s hair on fire over an online petition some dumb person started.


Aside from the hilarious irony here, calling into question the story being news in the first place is a pretty legit means to discuss this topic.

"Random person is dumb.’ Better let Beck know so TheBlaze can write a news story about.

That’s what happens when parents let the government raise their children.


She’s aware according to the petition page:

What sort of pain are you suggesting?

And why are you calling her ignorant when it says in the article she knows it was named after John Lynch? Is it such a solid plan to call someone ignorant based on your own ignorance of the story?

This is what happens when libs go looking for boogeymen.





There were some idiot college kids a few years ago that wanted to change the name of Lynch Hall at Lebanon Valley College. Guess who our AG was at the time? :rofl:


Ouch. A con didn’t read his own link? How surprising.

You realize this is the same ignorance that people display who think the Confederate statues and the flags are about honoring war dead, you know.

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Because the word “stupid” is considered a micro aggression, and automatically “triggers” you people. (and by you people, I mean the posters here who like to take umbrage everytime a word or phrase is used that they don’t like).


This represents clearly, the dumb thought processes of so many, attempting to show their fake virtue.

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