IG Report on Tom Price's travel expenses is complete


Tom Price’s resignation may feel like a lifetime ago, but it’s worth following up on his expenses scandal.

“Our rigorous review of former HHS Secretary Price’s use of chartered, military, and commercial aircraft found that 20 out of 21 trips did not comply with applicable federal regulations and HHS policies and procedures, resulting in waste of at least $341,000 in federal funds,” Tesia Williams, a spokeswoman for the inspector general’s office, said in a statement. “We recommend the Office of the Secretary review the lack of compliance with federal requirements and determine appropriate actions to recoup the travel costs.”

I expect the 16 odd investigations into Pruitt will largely come to similar conclusions. Abuse of office for personal gain.

Be a shame if they didn’t recoup some of the money though.

I am sure they will put as much effort into it as they did getting Blake Farenholdt to pay up.

Republicans play by a different set of rules.

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Yeah, but this is nothing compared to the corruption in the Obama administration. I’ve been assured that Obama’s cronies were way worst.

Seriously, they should sue and get their money back for such blatant fraud and ripping off of the tax payer. Apparently Trumpsters have no issue wasting $350k if their tax money for Trumps cronies to jet around.

Lock him up! Make him pay!

I don’t care.

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And why should you? Not like wasting our money is a big deal or anything…

At least you’re honest about not caring about Trump and his cronies corruption. I guess there’s that.

Of course not “drain the swamp” was only a slogan for you.


Drain the swamp!!!


That’s about $17,000 per trip. Makes for some pretty cushy travel upgrades.

Doesn’t affect me. Still don’t care.

Is that addressed to me? You think I care if you care or not? Lol.

If I remember correctly, This swamp creature was drained immediately. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Doesn’t matter to me.

When did this become about you?

It’s always about me.

I can tell you for a fact that Janet Yellen flew first class to Europe at least once. I know because my mom was up in first class with her.

Quicker than Pruitt, that’s for sure.

as was all the Tea Party crap. and Family Values.

It is why I do not view partisans any differently than I do BLM folks or people who support the Mullahs in Iran.

No values or morals other than seeing their side win by any means.