IG - Report On Clinton Investigation

I changed my mind, I do not accept the DOJ IG conclusions.

We’ll let the right people know. I’m sure it will mean something.


May I ask what changed your mind?

Their answers in front of Senate yesterday and congress today?

It was brutal…their is a reason why they won’t admit it was bias.

What is it. Proof was there.

People have been tried and found guilty for 1st degree murder with less evidence. circumstanceal evidence


So I’ll put you down for someone in favor of criminal justice reform.

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It’s not over.

Even Clinton is on Comey- the IG found that Comey used his own personal email.

I accepted it too quick, probably because of what I read about Horowitz. I should have waited.

This Strozk is a piece of work. He was married while he was diddling Page?

A text message every 6 minutes?

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I don’t know this guy, but that’s a no joke school.

Why is this here? If you don’t trust the IG report on the Clinton email investigation, why care about this one?

Hush troll, you’re making a fool of yourself.

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They will get it right this time or something.

No, I’m making a fool of your thread. Maybe I’ll just continue and bury it?

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They walked that nit wit out the door. If it wasn’t for bias, then what the hell was it for?


Oh knows!

Comey will be investigated!

Go ahead. Most of us don’t care.

Lock Comey up!

Lock Comey up!

Yeah. â– â– â– â–  that guy.

Everything he did helped Trump and hurt Clinton.

He is one of the reasons we have this â– â– â– â–  show.

This is all too funny. Horowitz and Wray mopped the floor with poor witless Jim Jordan and the other buffoons.

Did not watch, but Jim Jordan is a loon. I can only imagine what a fool he made of himself. He was totally cucked by Katy Turr the other day!

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Emotion getting the better of you. That’s a shame.

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You don’t know who Turley is, but you’re allowing him to invigorate your emotion? Seems inconsistent and out of touch with current events. Do some research on Turley, and then check your emotions against the facts.

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He gets cucked A LOT.

Recall when Sessions cucked him by saying “looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel.” Just a total take down of the phony right wing scandal generation machine. They just keep repeating the same bull ■■■■ and expecting a different outcome.

Maybe he should offer to wrestle them? Seems that is all he is good at.