IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


The only objective of the Russians was to do whatever they could to throw the country into chaos and the democrats have done everything in their power to ensure that the Russians succeeded.



Don Junior loves it.


I rather suspect he had no idea what they were up to at the time.


That is demanding immunity from criminal prosecution.


Is the current President of the NRA a lawyer who spent over 2 decades in federal law enforcement?


No. It’s not.


Clapper admitted on Tv that they placed an informant! Halper was an informant/spy. Isnt it amazing that all this started happening when all of Trumps foreign policy advisers got leaked to buzzfeed? I bet you Wolf is going to sing and rat out the DNC deep state.


So where did this informant hang out in Trump’s campaign? Did he have an office in the basment?


Don Jr is in the free, because fusion set up the meeting! OOPS! Why the fake news still ?


Nonsense. None of this would be possible without Trump.


I have made it clear that all I’m doing is “spreading” my opinion. You just call them “lies” because it seems that you can’t handle someone possessing a difference of opinion.


No, he did not have an office, because he was not an informant. Halper knew nothing about the campaign, so how could he have been hired to inform on them?

Halper was hired as a third party to secretly gather information on the Trump campaign, and report back to his handlers - in other words he was hired as a spy.

I know the euphemism word games you people play, conducting missions to attack terrorists overseas are not a part of the global war on terror, they are overseas contingency operations

A criminal investigation into Hilary’s email, is not an investigation, it’s a matter.

A terrorist attack in the form of a bomb that murders a dozen or more people, is not a terrorist attack, it’s a man caused disaster.

A third party hired by the US federal government to gather information on a target for a counter-intelligence investigation, is not a spy, he’s an informant


See paragraph 2 and 6. Those seem to have some conflicts you need to work out.


This is rich coming from the guy who never owned up to posting false quotes about Soros enjoying turning Jews in.


Sure it is.


What’s more frightening is the right’s paranoia with “deep state” plots where none exist. Like I said, the IG report will be a big disappointment to those looking for conspiracies. Then they’ll scramble around like dogs chasing their tails trying to find something else. It’s what’s been happening on the right for decades now. It’s a never-ending story.


You’ve read it?


Paragraph two is the truth, paragraph six is an example of word games people play, when the truth hurts their agenda…


Looks like the report is going to be released next Thursday.


There’s zero evidence to support such a claim. According to Obama they had been working to undermine our elections as early as 2014.