IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


An informant is already informed. Halper didn’t go to the FBI.


Why is the former Deputy Director of the FBI demanding immunity from criminal prosecution?


One of the most robust findings in social psychology is that people find ways to believe whatever they want to believe. And the left really want to believe the duping hypothesis. It absolves them from blame and protects them from the need to look in the mirror or figure out what they stand for in the 21st century.



Susan Simpson? A soccer mom?


and craft projects involving obscure tetrapods and repurposed armor. She can beat you in Halo.



thankfully it wasnt spying…why do you hate cop work? Ooooooohhhhhh this wasnt about a black man being shot by the police…then we would have 400 different excuses as to why they had probable cause to do what they did.


I’m sure you intended this to have some meaning.


He’s not. He’s asking that his testimony to the Senate Committee not be used against him in any criminal cases that may come for him. Seems appropriate. Otherwise he just pleads the Fifth.


The campaign begins with the formation of the exploratory committed. That was a year before the investigation officially began. They started the probing before they even began the investigation using the “lure” to attempt to draw someone into a conspiracy.

That was nothing more than entrapment with a fancy name.


Were these deep state folks in on setting up the Trump Tower meeting? Just curious how far the plot goes…


What meeting is that exactly?


Sounds an awful lot like, I dunno, what the current President of the NRA insisted on.


The one with Don Junior and the Russian Attorney and Jared Kushner where the help of the Russian government was promised and junior said he “loves it.”


thug left is the reson


Bingo you got it


So many lying losers on the left


The deep state was set up by obo da clwon


Based on left wing BS


He was a thug lefty


What specific help was offered?