IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


Wait for the Awan, Mccabe and Priestap testimonies and let this thing play out.


Trump announced June 2015. Why do you post such easily debunked info?


The text was in 2015. You didnt think the FBI had insider info that trump was running for president? Cmon man.


I think the FBI was in the tank for Kasich IMO!


So you’re just going to ignore that you previously said May 2015?


So all Trump needs to do in 2020, is find something, pretty much anything, that some staffer in his Democrat political opponent’s campaign said or did, and then become suspicious about it. Once a suspicion is made, then Trump can give the go ahead to spy on his opponent.

And according to @dantes it’s perfectly fine and ethical, as long as people cannot find, or are unaware of that any “harm befell the campaign.” :man_dancing:t6:



Lures was used in Dec 2015, my bad! Again, with the help of Britain and the rest of the world to help spy, you dont think the FBI didnt know in advance that Don was running for president?


Ohh and Pay a foreign spy to write a document the FBI can then use for a fisa warrant.


I bet Trump made it known to friends and family and high ranking people in his business that he was running in Nov of 2015. A year before the election, gives plenty of time for adjustments to be made to his company. You dont think the FBI knew that Trump was running on draining the swamp? The FBI knows all.


This one cracks me up. There’s absolutely nothing to tie it to Trump, the Trump campaign, or anyone remotely connected to the Trump campaign.

The text basically says “FBI doing FBI things” - with less than nothing to connect it to Trump.

How gullible are all the people who beleive this nonsense?


You know who DID know Trump was running for president, as early as Nov 2014 - Jan 2015?


He likely told them during his trip to Moscow in Nov 2014. A Russian tweeted about it in Jan 2014.


Correction, tweet was Jan 2015.


Lures is an FBI term for Spies, thats not even an argument. Nov 2015 is exactly a year before the election, The Page text was Dec 2015. That is too coincidental to not be looked into… Ohh really has nothing to do with Trump? You are privy to intel? Please tell us what collusion Trump is charged with, Mueller cant even find anything.


So going to Russia is a crime now? Then lets lock up the Podesta Brothers, and Bill Clinton!


No Article says December.


Ohh lets lock up Bernie too, he honeymooned there!


What about the Russian Troll indictment, the fbi said the Russians favored Bernie before Trump, how come there were no spies in Bernies campaign from the get go?


The dossier, Hilary and the DNC paid for, used Russians inside the Kremlin to provide information used against Trump. and the Trump-haters are onboard with it.


I get the moveon.org reference, but from what you wrote, you don’t know anything about Politico. It’s a news organization.


Politico is owned and ran by a leftist machine, cmon dude!