IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


One thing! If Page did in fact admit in Dec 2015 that spies were approved for Trump, as soon as they found out privately that he was running for president, why not plant a spy in Bernies campaign? The Russian Troll indictment said the Russians were sold out for Bernie, and when he lost they were pro Trump! Why is Bernie walking free? Why is he allowed to consider running again if Russia is an issue? The issue is hillary lost!


C’mon yourself. It’s coverage is evenhanded.


Politico was created in 2012 as an anti Mitt Romney news source, google it.


Oh, I did. I also know people who work for Politico. You’re wrong.


Ohh so now you know people who work for Politico?, but cant refute what I said! Lame!


Stop spreading lies. Howdy, Ryan and most of the House intelligence committee (Republicans included) have said the use of an informant was proper given what the FBI knew.

Now, again, please stop spreading lies.


Even the Anti Obama Politico articles have a leftist slant blaming people for thinking ill of Obama. like its peoples fault for not agreeing with everything he says or does. What are we ? Mindless drones?


Perfect example of Politico circling the wagons around the Obama Admin, trying to put a candy shell on a turd!


Senators are not part of the oversight committee. I would hate to break it to you.


Did I say it was a crime?


Then why unmask and snoop to find out anything they can about him? He isnt the only person to go to Russia to be friendly with Russia. Russians wanted Bernie, why werent they snooping in his campaign? Wait for it! Because the FBI knew the only candidate who could possibly come close to beating hillary was Trump.


I told you it’s wrong. Their coverage is even-handed. Here’s one example.


Your question, not mine. If you believe everything has a left spin, then there’s no point in trying to talk you out of it. Maybe it’s true that truth has a leftist spin. :slight_smile:


Still a candy shelled Turd! Politico argued that the myira was not obamas idea!


:rofl: my cousin’s wife’s sister works there!


Clearly not a Frank Ocean fan.


Translate that.


What device did you use to join us all the way from imaginationland?


It means when Obama did goof up, they discussed it, and either blamed it on someone else, or tried spinning it in a favorable light!


LOL You think Cruz, Kasich or Rand Paul could have beat Hillary? LOL get a grip!