IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


So, a fan of Gateway Pundit I see.

You’ll fit in just fine here.



What, Horowitz is giving them some time to release the IG Report before he releases the IG Report? I really don’t know how much more of this I can tolerate.


Good question. They’re giving lib media a chance to spin it first.

BTW welcome to Hannity.


Comey lied under oath repeatedly and was heavily conflicted throughout the investigation.


Don’t forget “the need to keep the appearance of non interference”.

“Below not helpful,” Strzok said, writing from his FBI Washington Field Office to FBI counterintelligence official Bill Priestap and colleague Robert Jones on Jan. 30, 2016. “Certainly the WH is going to do whatever it wants, but there is a line they need to hold with regard to the appearance of non-interference.”

Of course, then there’s the “insurance Policy”.



Here’s an idea … couldn’t Trump just pick up the phone and tell Horowitz send over a copy of the initial draft, for “safe keeping” ?Lol. So let Brennan, et. al. leak and spin to their heart’s content. Then Trump can go on a little tour. hold a bunch of rallies. Leak a whole bunch of the truth. hahaha.


Ya dude.

You’re way too locked into this binary thing.


Again. Hundreds of people have the draft. ABC got a smidgen of it, and it don’t make anyone look good.


Drafts. You can’t just go around accusing people of things without giving them a chance first.

Says why right in the article.


That you or Horowitz talking?


Why of all the stories you could link did you link the article that undercuts everything you’re trying to say?


That’s funny - Trump leaking truths.


that’s ok. they should be able to defend themselves. so they can go with trump to the rallies. trump can read detail by detail, from the unmolested draft. And then they can explain stuff … right there … in front of everybody. clear the air. set the record straight. lol!


the “Lures” Text was discovered on Friday, after the gang of 8 meeting. Gowdy himself said he never saw that comment, why? Because it was redacted by Rosenfraud!


Hey I am good with numbers 56+1 =57 the same amount of states Obama thinks we have!


Comey said if Anyone said the memo was written previous to Hillarys investigation that he wanted to know, the Strzok and Page text predate the Comey testimony date. OOPS! Mccabe is ready to rat him out, and probably all the FBI and DOJ.


McCabe is trying to avoid prison.


“Judicial Watch” is a scam organization that solely exists to line the pockets of Tom Fitton and other assorted DC swamp creatures.


You mean something like ACLU does?



Can you directly tie the “lures” text to Trump’s campaign?