IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


You really didn’t pay any attention to the campaign then because what you posted is completely untrue.


It is an opinion incompatible with yours and you cannot accept it at face value. Your issue, not mine.


Whatever you call it, it’s false. The Clinton campaign had a foreign policy with a position on Russia.


Not a true or false answer. It is an opinionated response, like whether you like cake or ice cream. You likes your Clinton brand, I likes my Trump. Russia had nothing but contempt for the uranium peddler.


You said Clinton took no stand on Russia. That doesn’t seem like an opinion to me given your commenting on the presence of a thing. A thing either exists or it doesn’t.

If you want to say Trump took a tougher stand than Clinton, that’s an opinion. I don’t think you can support it in any way, but that’s your choice.


Actually you have it backwards! Manafort was cashing checks from the Podesta group, thats why Tony stepped down the day after it was made public. There are tons of articles proving this.


So drips are leaking out of the draft version going around and here is what will happen next.

Republicans are going to make fools of themselves pronouncing “AHA, told ya, he was an insubordinate dude!”

Then it will sink who he is being accused of being insubordinate to.

and then it will sink in further that, going by this article, Horowitz is basically agreeing with everything Hilary Clinton said about Comey.


Also, the leaks of the draft haven’t involved anything regarding L’Affaire Russe. Yet.

ABC News was unable to ascertain information about another key part of the inspector general’s report: whether animus toward Trump may have influenced the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails or the subsequent probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


That’s not really the situation at all but within the ballpark

Tony Podesta is likely to get the cuffs sooner or later too.


ABC is putting out is own spin before anyone else can.

Who leaked it to em?


Where’s the spin?

Hundreds of people have the draft versions. So cast a wiiiiide net.


Just boosting my own prediction here, because I give it between Conan’s next post and Sunday before the “Horowitz is an obama holdover” becomes a thing.


Then lets see it.


See what?



In the draft report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz also rebuked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, the sources said.

Is that the spin Conan?

I don’t see a reason to jump the gun on this either way. The ABC article is pretty clear they only have a limited view into the draft versions. No mention of L’Affaire Russe. No mention of Giuliani. Today we merely were given a smidge. I’ll take it.

We’ll get our kicks soon enough.


I have a strong suspicion that the IG report won’t say what R’s want it to say. Then watch them squeeze it like a lemon for all the juice that can get out of it.


Spygate has been debunked but that won’t stop Trump and his minions from believing in it.


So you admit The Podesta group was corrupt? John was still on the board of directors at the time Tony stepped down.


nothing is debunked until documents are made known to show otherwise.

Your Lures have been approved- lisa page to Peter Strzok on May of 2015! Lures is a term for Spy in the FBI!


Your Lures have been approved- Page to Strzok may of 2015! Mccabe is about to sing like a canary. Lures is an FBI term for spies.