IG recommended Charges against Comey

Here’s an article about the fact that the IG did recommend charges against Comey!

Justice Department
Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz said Wednesday that he referred former FBI Director James B. Comey for criminal prosecution this year after concluding he leaked sensitive materials to a friend."

Fake news.

This is not CNN talking about WAPO with unnamed sources…

The Justice Department ultimately decided not to prosecute Mr. Comey despite the conclusion by Mr. Horowitz’s team that he improperly leaked information to the news media. The documents leaked by Mr. Comey were sensitive but not classified.


The fake news will keep this from their viewers!

And the DOJ decided that they could not convict and sustain a charge.

So they didn’t pursue it.

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Comey’s troubles are just beginning!

I would rather they charge him and lose the case than to not charge him at all. Public Employees need to realize that they are not above the law. Clinton should have been charged as well and let the chips fall where they fall. Him, just being charged, would send a statement to others.

Dont get your hopes up. They wont charge him. They are affraid of the secrets he might posess that he still hasnt released yet. Yes, I am that cynical.

And Barr decided not to prosecute. Is he a Deep State agent too?

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Lemme guess where the double standard sets in.

Weren’t they his own notes?

Exactly, Also got the dems wanting gun confiscation out of the news…

So it seems…are the Presidents.

Quite the conspiracy

Well, it does appear that Hororwitz considered Comey’s action to be extra legal. He concluded in the report that there were other, legal, means for Comey to have argued for a Special Investigator. That certainly implies the means used of leaking was illegal.
He then states it is up for the DOJ to decide what to do.
But if he wanted a prosecution he should have specified which criminal statute he was talking about an tied it to the specific acts.

Yes. Comey could have gone through the whistleblower process instead of leaking to the press…

He could have argued his case to the DOJ. As head of the FBI, I think he had their ear.

He was no longer head of the FBI during the time of the leaks.

You are correct. He wasn’t in the government. Which would also have ruled out whistleblowing (though of course I get your drift on that)

“We found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media,” the 83-page report found, adding that the former director’s actions nonetheless “violated department and FBI policies and his FBI employment agreement.”