If you want your kids to be groomed into perversion

It does not help to try and make excuses for your pal. Because what he said was not about a senator. It was about the state of MO and the Republicans who live there. He was flat out wrong but you go ahead and make excuses for him just like you do for your old pervert in the White House.

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Let’s review

“The republicans there don’t wanna raise the marriage age higher than 12. They apparently wanna let Gross Old Pedophiles marry children.”

Once again. The smartest man in room is wrong. Do you ever get tired of being wrong? Let’s review what he said

He said republicans not republican. He then went on to say they not him.

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Aren’t y’all the ones saying “every trans person is a groomer”?

Was he or was he not referring to Mike Moon?

I went commenting on whether he was stereotyping and lumping. I said he was talking about Mike Moon.

Because that’s who he was talking about.

And it’s not like Moon has been the first conservative to suggest that maybe we should think about younger kids marrying….ahem ahem Grandma Lauren Boebert…ahem ahem “ Adolescence is a state-of-the-art modern innovation, like crack-cocaine or chemical warfare” Matt Walsh.

So yeah he was generalizing…but there’s evidence that generalization might not be far off.

But yeah, trans and drag queens are the problem…:sunglasses:

No he wasn’t he said republicans as in all of them, he never mentioned the guy others did. Stop lying.

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If you want your kids to be groomed, send them to Kansas.

If 12 year olds getting married isn’t grooming, I’d like to know what is.

EDIT: Just in case anyone was wondering. It’s not statutory rape in Missouri if you’re married.

566.023. Marriage to victim, at time of offense, affirmative defense, for certain offenses. — It shall be an affirmative defense to prosecutions under sections 566.032, 566.034, 566.062, 566.064, and 566.071, that the defendant was married to the victim at the time of the offense.

and two states have the lowest minimum marriage age, which is 14 years old. Those states are Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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Meanwhile you can’t work until you’re 18 in NH…16 in Mass.


Your info is old. 18 in Massachusetts and 16 in New Hampshire.

So you’re OK with a lawmaker advocating the marriage of 12 year olds?

It says 2023.


Is he going to force my 12 year-old to marry?

It is wrong. The Massachusetts law was signed and went into effect July 1, 2022.


New Hampshire’s change to 16 happened January 2019.

Please tell me that “wisevoter” is correct and the actual text of the law from the two states is wrong. Can’t wait.

So you’re OK with 12 year olds getting married as long as they aren’t “forced.” Parental right thing. Got it.


It’s strange how the FBI goes after the parents and not the people putting porn in the schools.


Great. So up until quite recently, a bastion of critprog was a paradise for groomers.

Sure. Why not?

If you’re OK with 12 year olds getting married there’s nothing to discuss. There’s nothing I can say which would impact that belief. Absolutely disgusting. It’s something I’d expect from the Taliban or a backwards third world country. I’d be just as disgusted hearing it advocated there.

Tilting at windmills about liberal “grooming” while advocating for the marriage of 12 year olds. Add this to the list of why conservatives are oblivious to their current downfall.


Great. Currently some conservatives are advocating for the “grooming” that no longer occurs in those states. Only for kids even younger. Not shocking - the groomers are conservatives.

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What’s less arbitrary about 12 than 14?

Can’t a 12 year-old transition gender without parental consent?

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