If You Mute the Chaos

I think this is a really good opinion piece that hits Trump spot on.

The Trump administration’s inability to defend the defensible is simply mind-numbing. Even when the president is doing the right thing, he and his team can’t seem to get out of their own way.

Policy - good.

Personality - problem


I really like the title of the article too.

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The comments are a hoot!

Translation…just shut up and let the Democrats and their MSM cohorts run all over you, destroy you, and impeach you and put the deplorable voters in their place.

It’s all BS!


Oh stop with the truth regarding the successes of what’s actually happening behind the scenes of the Trump Administration. Every sheople knows…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Washington Post article = fake news? I’m so confused

Why is presidents approval rating so low?

For the record I actually agree with some of the points of the article. But you can’t just dismiss his, or his spokespeople’s mouths. It’s like saying Antarctica would be a nice place to stay if it weren’t for the freezing temperatures. The freezing temperatures DEFINE Antarctica, just like this admins INCOMPETENCE define theirs.

Bottomline is, perception is reality and this admin isn’t very good at managing perception.


…cuz NEVER in the history of our country, has the media…that’s owned by just a few libs…united…to consistently spread distorted or totally fabricated misinformation…that’s being swallowed by those who are simply following their historical routine and not paying attention to reality. They lead with their feelings and ignore the facts.


Or they just think he sucks…


You didn’t read the article. Clearly. It points out some rather good stories were the media reported on this admins EXACT WORDS and because of those words it undermined the sound policy they may have been pushing.

Perception is reality and polls are most based on how the average, non-political junkie FEELS about the Presidency. Tie that with some unpopular policies (family separation, tariffs, praising dictators etc.) its not hard to see why polls are low for him.

Simply yelling it’s the media’s fault is ignoring the fact that Trump and his admin are extremely incompetent.

You are correct and I must apologize. It wouldn’t let me in unless I paid $1.

Good to see you are endorsing an article in the Washington Post.

When you read the Times or the Post you get exposed to their diversity of opinion. It seems that people who rail they they are “fake news” liberal platforms do not seem familiar with their content.

What are you data to back up the notion that “a few libs” own the media?

Isn’t the largest owner of media outlets Sinclair… which is extremely right wing. And what about the Murdoch Family media empire?

This self-defeating pattern is undermining the Trump presidency. If you hit the mute button, the administration is doing a great job in many areas.

Reforming our immigration system to reward work and discourage dependency;

Concentration camps.

taking on China’s predatory trade practices;

I don’t give out participation reward for things like “taking on china”, when the results are higher prices for me and more taxes on American business.

He isn’t managing this trade negotiation in a way that limits the damage to American businesses. He is flailing about and greasing the important voting blocks with welfare before they get too squeaky.

standing up for Israel and against anti-Semites are all good policies.

I would love to see how this is measured or quantified, and why it’s an accomplishment of note for this administration.

So the policy of wanting to get dirt on your political opponents from the Ukraine by withholding foriegn aid from them until they start investigating the Biden’s is a good policy.


Some of his policies are good. Some are bad. And one will cause his impeachment.


Recent media mergers in the United States

As a result, fewer companies now own more media outlets, increasing the concentration of ownership. In 1983, 90 % of US media was controlled by 50 companies; as of 2011, 90 % was controlled by just 6 companies and in 2017 the number was 5.

How can you fabricate the presidents exact words?

This president is a terrible communicator.

I am sure you agree or maybe you don’t?


Trump is THE most crass POTUS I’ve ever witnessed…PERIOD.

None of that backs up you our assertion about “a few libs” owning the media however.