If You Mute the Chaos

Trump man good.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…it’s the word “lib” that you’re disagreeing with and not the concentration of ownership?

Try private or incognito mode on your browser. That worked for me.

And his misstatements are legend.

He is just lousy at communicating policy to the American public.


Why am I not surprised.

Theissen doesn’t dismiss it, that’s the whole point of the article.

Are you for breaking up the monopolies in nearly every industry?

lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence.

If you say so.

It’s an opinion piece written by a republican.

Any opinion on it or are we going to discuss me?

The condescension is palpable. Let me help you, you are not smarter, better read or more capable than I am.


I know but the whole “of you mute this” is saying you take away a feature and call it a bug. This admins incompetence in messaging is a feature.


One trick pony.

Yes, the House will impeach him. Move the needle.

No, the man is not “good”.

In order to list his three points under “the administration is doing a great job in many areas”, he had to dismiss an equal or greater amount of incompetence.

Agreed. Like keep your doctor or pass it to find out.


No, he didn’t. You are ignoring who actually built the “concentration camps”, the law and the changes in the situation to confirm your bias.

The man has no honor and no integrity. I wouldn’t want that kind of person as my friend or boss, let alone the leader of my country.

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Defensive much. My only point was that the Post publishes a range of opinions and is not as “fake news” as some complain.

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They were detention centers before.

They became concentration camps when they were stuffed and judges had to order things like “you need to give kids soap”.

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Right click on the article and open in “incognito window”