If You Have A Relative That Has Died Who Served In The Military:

If so you possibly Had the military do “Honor Guard” at their funeral service, then you may have ordered a personally signed by the president, nice letter of appreciation.

It says “The United States of America Honors The Memory of
First Middle Last name”
This certificate is awarded by a grateful nation in recognition of devoted and selfless consecration to the service of our country in the Armed Forces of the United States.

                                                  President of The United States

My father & father in law, as well as my brother in law fit this category.


Had one starved to death by the yankee army at Point Lookout, two more went to Jesus at Franklin. With any luck they sent several to their final reward before passing.

They did that at my uncle’s funeral, I’ll have to ask my aunt if she did that. I saw one of those letters at our babysitter’s house (about 20 years ago) signed by Reagan, it was pretty cool. It was no stamped signature either. She had it framed behind glass and it hangs in a prominent place on the wall.

They did that at my Dad and my Daddy in laws services. Very nice.

I have my Dad’s flag in one of those cases.

All you have to do is request the letter.


I have my dad’s flag.


My oldest sister has my dad’s flag and letter.

I didn’t know there were so many that have the letters.

2 From Korea…3 from Vietnam…nephew, near miss Pentagon parking lot 9/11/01

Alright! I know you’re proud.

I so love the reverence that our military men are showing as they handle the remains of over 50 KIA from the Korean War. I’ve been Honor Guard at a Marine service who was KIA in Vietnam. I didn’t think so much of that duty 50 years ago, but I do now. Duck

Well, that’s certainly motivation to stay alive until at least 2021, so my wife doesn’t have to deal with getting a letter signed by the orange imbecile (or more likely his autopen).

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I had similar feelings about Obama being in office when my Dad died, however i did very much appreciate the Flag and the military participation in his service.

My grandmother passed down my grandfather’s letter through the family, and I have it now. I have a couple of safety deposit boxes, so I can keep it there so that it doesn’t get lost. He was a POW in the Phillipines for a couple of years. Upon his release, he got to meet General MacAurthur in the hospital and when he received medals for his service there. I have pictures of he and General MacArthur together on those 2 occasions locked up with that letter.

I plan to pass it on to the next generation once they’ve reached a point where I can be sure they are old enough to handle it in a responsible manner.

I also have 2 uncles who fought in Vietnam, who received honors at their funerals. They have both passed, but my cousins are keeping their memorials similar to how I am keeping my granfather’s. We always show them to the kids around Memorial Day to remind them of the reason for the holiday.

My dad had military honors at his funeral. No idea if there is a letter. If there is my mom has it, along with the flag.

Letter would have been signed by Obama.

If he had lived long enough to see Trump President, it would have sent him into massive cardiac arrest.

I have three maternal great uncles that were Army and one that was Air Force who have all passed. My paternal grandfather was army; I never met him. He lived in California and died in the mid 1990s.

The thing is, you can wait until the POTUS you want to sign is in office to apply for it. We did. Duck

I didn’t know that. Thanks. :+1:

Remember folks, you don’t just automatically get this letter with a funeral service & flag. You must apply for it. Duck