If universal health care is so bad how come no one has dropped it?

its a simple fact that pretty much every industrialized country besides the US has universal healthcare.
in addition a large chnk of them have longer life expectancies than the US

if its so bad and so unsustainable how come no country drops it?

its time for medicare to be expanded to cover everyone.

“government please take over this aspect of our lives too!!!”

Once you give people something, you can’t just take it away without blood in the streets. The left knows this.

In the examples that you are thinking of, does a person have the right to purchase additional care above and beyond what mommateat government provides?

So you can’t answer the question.


In some cases, yes. Are outcome substantively different? For all the money we spend on healthcare here in the states, do we have better outcomes than our more socialist friends overseas?

Why Medicare? Why are there no calls to expand Medicaid to cover everyone? Why are there no calls to cover everyone with the VA health system?

Anyone who opposes universal health care should, once they turn 65, refuse to use Medicare. They should self insure since they believe government run health insurance is so awful.


I’m fine with the VA system.

Those other nations don’t have real priorities to deal with, like finding tens of billions of dollars for walls in order to make old racists feel better, giving yet more billions in order to weaponize space, and ensuring that the wealthy get tax cuts so that they can keep an even larger slice of the economic pie.


No calls for Medicare expansion to cover everyone?!? Have you been living under a rock the last few years?

It’s hard to understand why some people think health care should be divided up into haves and have nots. It’s not a commodity like a new car or fancy house. Everyone, rich and poor, should have decent health care.

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also, anyone who opts not to have health insurance should not visit the emergency room without a pocket full of cash.

Not the point in this thread.

One reason CentgovHealth may still be on business is that it is better than nothing for those who are poor and subsidized. But its deficiencies can be compensated for with money … if you have it. If it is a democratic country, the poor and the rich have equal votes. There is always more more poor than rich. So guess what is selected by the voters.

I would love to. If I could opt out and stop the government Fein forcing me to pay into that system, I would.

Reread what I wrote. I’ve seen no calls to expand Medicaid. Are your comprehension skills really this bad?

It’s not a commodity?

It’s not a commodity like a new car or a fancy house.

One can do with an older car or a smaller house.

One cannot do without cancer treatment or insulin.


Can one do without fancy cancer treatment and less insulin/more diet?

Interesting choice of example by the way.

Can one do without fancy cancer treatment and less insulin/more diet?

Often, no. I think you understand that, though.