If Trump proposes debt default would you support it?

Simple question, would you support Trump if he proposes default on the debt owed by the federal government?

No suggestion that he would do something of the sort beyond the fact the debt is growing and a recession seems sort of round the corner, maybe, and there may be some choppy water ahead.

He does have previous for some creative debt management strategies in the past, how would you feel if he suggested doing this on a bigger scale?

I would absolutely oppose him suiciding our standing as a reserve currency.


Recession isn’t around the corner. The media is pushing for one but they probably won’t succeed. Trump has had the best economic policies of any president in U.S. history in almost every category.

But regarding the national debt, He sucks. As have every president and party leader over the past 50 years. They all love to complain about the debt when the other party is in power, then ignore it when they are in power. It’s a ■■■■ show. They all suck.

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It would be a disaster of extraordinary magnitude.

When he suggested doing this as a candidate it should have been a huge signal flare that he has no idea what he is talking about.


We just had an amazing job report. Why would you think we are heading to recession?

and He won’t, so no reason to ask such a question…

Dems need to make deficit reduction proposals… The deficit and debt is another failure of the last 30 years of politicians. Just like the rise of fascist China and wage stagnation, housing crash etc…

I didn’t think I could be even more vague about the timing, but to be clear, I am not predicting an imminent recession just saying we will have one eventually and it may happen while Trump is president.

Fair enough.

Hell no.

Trump explicitly said we should take a haircut on our debt as a candidate and people thought this was an excellent idea question mark.

Just mint a 20 trillion dollar coin.

Problem solved.

You never said that when better job reports were released October 2010 and later…

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Pretty close to an actual idea Trump had early in his presidency, according to Woodward. That the way out was to print a bunch of money and oh buy the way use their foreknowledge of it to commit insider arbitrage.

Trumpspeak for bankruptcy. The problem is that when a businessman overextends through “creative debt management strategies” (or, you know, fraud), and screws his creditors through multiple bankruptcies, the global economy doesn’t crater. But why should we expect any different from him? He’s always tried to run the country like it is his personal business.

I remember, that being discussed.

There are two ways for the govt to get money, either take it through taxation or print more of it devaluing the currency. Both parties have been doing it for years.

I’m not sure Obama had one this good… Even with the Fed printing money for him…

Oh. :flushed:


oct 2010, Jan 2012, feb 2012(only 4k less), feb 2013, nov 2013, april 2014, june 2014, sep 2014, nove 2014, april, 2015, may 2015, july 2015, october 2015, dec 2015, jun 2016, july 2016,

all beat november 2019 and every single one of those month we had threads about cooked numbers


You forgot the third. Using a bunch of tariffs to fill the government’s pockets and somehow convincing limited government conservatives this is a good thing.

as long as you then spent a portion of that money to support corporate welfare farmers.

Twice as much spent on farm bailouts than the auto bailout.

We all remember how popular the auto bailout was.