If Trump proposes debt default would you support it?

and over half of that money went to less then 10% of recipients.

And now you will hear crickets.


It’s depressing how no one wants to go rounds anymore. The thing where you respond without hitting the reply button so it doesn’t show up in your notifications is also quite wack.


we are not the only ones that noticed

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Oh, so a few good ones… Odd, how it drops to 90 right after his re-election, and how it was so high in october of his election. BUt I guess they had to smooth it out.

Just think what the economy would be like If they were printing money for Trump too. I’m glad they are not, but…

Only if it comes with the exile of every supporter of this idiot.

The derangement is so bad, they have to make up scenarios that aren’t going to happen just to keep posting about how hateful they feel on the inside. :rofl:



and there we go, still ignoring facts. you notice also that libs and dems are not screaming about fake numbers, cooked books like cons did during Obama?

Yea I remember how Obama was going ban all gun’s and build up an army.

Recession around the corner? That’s quite the fantasy.

Trump may not be very bright but he’s not dumb enough to destroy the US economy or our standing as a super power so this is all just one ridiculous fantasy.

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You answered your own question.

Completely ignoring nuancy.

What if pigs could fly? Would you support it? :sunglasses:

Kinda like this what if game. :grin:

the nuancy that for every single month during the Obama era there were threads about conservative moaning about cooked books and fake numbers and as soon as jan 2017 occurred…critiques. tons of nuancy.

That is incorrect. State-owned enterprises also generate revenue.

Ok, if you say so.

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Such as and how please?

Generating revenue is not the same as generating an actual profit or tax revenue.

We haven’t had a good thread about the labor participation rate in a good while…

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