If Trump is UNJUSTLY removed from office

If Trump is unjustly removed from office, what do we do? If nothing, why have elections? We’ll be a one-party oligarchy ran by the Democratic Party, like the Communist Party has in China. If Trump is unjustly removed and we do nothing, our democratic system is finished.


You send them a message in 2020 they’ll never forget.


I apply the same gravity to the situation as you do.

We must not let these power mad D get their way.


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Welcome aboard Patrick!

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This is annoying.

Its amusing because he doesnt see the irony of his post.


I presume you mean send the Republican Party the message.

That’s what you get for presuming.

Peacefully protest the hell out of this country.

And by that I mean PEACEFUL.

And what WR suggested.


It won’t be the Democrats that remove him from office.

On a side note, it won’t be dimocrats either.

Not with that idiot pelosi and fan boy schiff running the show.


Short of some earth shattering revelation he won’t be removed by anything other than failing to win reelection other than the expiration of his 2nd Term.


How do you think Obese Donald might “unjustly” be removed form office?’

Should the House submit Articles of Impeachment to the Senate and he is then tried on those Articles and found guilty and convicted in the US Senate and removed from office that will be the second most just removal from office only second to just removal at the Polls denying him a second term of office.

Why have elections?

Because elections for the office of the Presidency is how our Founding Fathers determined our top leader would be determined.

Along with how presidents would be determined our Founding Fathers also gave us a way to remove a president before a new election, if need arise and he/she is legitimately convicted at trial in the Senate.

Any such conviction will be a BIPARTISAN conviction as it is totally impossible for the Democrats to effect alone any conviction in the Senate,

Dearest Patrick, should Obese Donald be removed from office upon a conviction at trial in the Senate that will be as far and removed from how the Chinese Communist Party in China operates as could possibly be. The President of China is in office for life, the only way they have to remove hi is revolution.

Conviction in the Senate and that method of removal would be the SECOND most JUST means by which Obese Donald could be removed from office.

That would be a sign, ultimate proof, that our Republic system of rule, created by our Founders, had worked exactly as they hoped. Showing once and for all that no citizen, even a president, is ABOVE the LAW.

I would prefer Obese Donald be removed in a landslide of rejection at the Polls come November 3rd, 2020. However if Articles of Impeachment are sent to the Senate and at trial on those Articles he is convicted and removed, well that will also be okay, because I would at least know he was legitimately removed.


On what charge??


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Under the RICO Act, for starters.

Vote its the only thing you can do.

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So first it’s poo flinging and screaming like howler monkeys. Then it’s on to appealing to the base’s sense of fear.

Do you remember when the Republican party was motivated by calm reasoned appeals to what was best for the country by standing for what was right? Yeah, I know, I am old. Get off my lawn.


Reasonable. Let us all hope cooler heads prevail.


What if he resigns?

It must have been forgotten that the Senate is controlled by Republicans and 3/4 would be needed to impeach. Cart b4 the horse.

The Democratic Party is totally corrupt. The Republican Party is partially corrupt with guys like Romney. If Trump is railroaded and UNJUSTLY removed from office, then it will be up to those who support justice and the democratic process to start eliminating the tyrants one by one. If not, our democracy is finished and we are condemned to be ruled by a criminal, corrupt oligarch of elitists. I know what my choice will be.