If Trump becomes a lame duck president....?

I received two emails today, one in particular from Trump Jr, warning Republicans that we’re in danger of not getting the House Majority back - and of course asking for money.

So - what do you think will happen if Trump loses the House

and…what do you think will happen if Trump is voted out of office entirely?

Wait - the democrats currently have a majority in the House. Is Trump not aware of the makeup of Congress?

I think I mischaracterized it and edited my OP - he must be saying that they may not be able to get the majority back.

Our messages have been ignored and now President Trump’s House Majority might not be restored. It is critical that you listen to us now before it’s TOO LATE.

To help us crush our MID-MONTH DEADLINE, we need 30 more Trump supporters by midnight to unlock EMERGENCY 5X-MATCHING.

Ah, ok - yeah, that makes more sense. Either way, I’d say Trump will likely be going on a 2 month long temper tantrum.

Trump is never going to be a lame duck president.

Lame duck so-called president?


I think we’ve had a record number of Federal Judges appointed.

We have the Constitution.

We have voters who are awakening in vast numbers.

The left has been on the wrong side of the equation for far too long and people are becoming intolerant of their agenda.

They held up funds to the people so they could fund pet projects. Folks are realizing they are not for the people. That’s a good thing.

And Trump will never be a lame duck on any day or any hour until the day he dies.

The same thing that happens when any politician loses? Don’t try to predict. Y’all haven’t gotten many right so far.



Biden has a 5-point lead over Trump in national polls.

I admit I don’t put much faith in polls since they only talk to about a thousand people, but there ya go.

The Economist-YouGov poll was conducted from April 12 to 14 and surveyed 1,166 registered voters. There is a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

I have a lot of faith in my fellow Americans.

By American I mean those who love freedom, our way of life and our Constitution.

I don’t put much faith in a poll that has Biden over Trump, either.

Must have been overseen by Corn Pop :wink:

Most people have no clue that Biden wants to raise their taxes. The media is protecting him. That protection can’t last forever. His handlers have kept him quiet. That will end when the Covid hysteria dies down.

No, it was overseen by: The Economist-YouGov

How are we supposed to recover from our incredible debt if taxes aren’t raised?

Not on the little people. Put it back on the billion dollar corporations where it belongs.

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Give the thinking folks more credit.

Left wing media is losing their credibility more so than ever before.

I highly doubt that many who would vote for Biden even know what day they are supposed to show up for.

So, polls don’t mean a heck of a lot.

Those invested in the economy will show. The rest will stay at home and play Call of Duty or whatever floats their boat for the day.

By massive budget cuts. But that won’t happen either, Basically we don’t recover. If democrats and republicans have not been willing to put a dent in the debt over the past 50 years why should we believe they want to do it now? I don’t believe them. Not one of them.

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Never say never.

Trump could lose.

We will see how the Biden China relationship resonates with voters.

As do I…tho they sure all seemed to stay home in 2016.

The media have covered Biden’s tax plan – which is to raise taxes on the highest earning one percent. What they are not covering is your fantasy of the Biden tax plan you want people to be afraid of. They are covering the tax plan he is campaigning on.

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